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Nathan's Computer Service

Country United States
State Ohio
City Marietta
Address 221 Greene St
Phone 1 740-538-0617

Nathan's Computer Service Reviews

  • Sep 7, 2021

I contacted this business in order to have my 2009 Macbook Pro repaired. I was having issues with the computer repeatedly freezing on me and having to restart it several times. I spoke with Nathan directly who said the repair would be very straightforward and not an issue. Upon receiving my computer back, the issue was not fixed, and all of my data was completely wiped out. I never authorized or was told that he would be clearing out all my data!

Only days afterward, I received an identity theft alert indicating my identity had been stolen. I had all kinds of personal documents including financial records and tax files on my computer. I am positive my data was taken and either sold or distributed to others. Upon doing some research, I have found several others complaining about similiar issues happening to them. Stay far away from this business!

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