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Natalie Fournier

Country United States
State Alaska

Natalie Fournier Reviews

  • Apr 29, 2016

I have a profile on and while I run my own events company, I sometimes pick up extra work on the side do light housekeeping when I have time. A lady named Natalie Fournier text me saying that she was looking for a housekeeper and left me an email address to contact her at. I emailed her and she replied by saying the position had been filled, but that she had an opening for a company she was running called Airway Arts & Crafts and that they were looking for a Account Payable/Receivable Clerk. This did kind of sound a little odd that she would be switching the job like that, but because I do freelance in different categories I kept reading. The entire email is listed below:

We got your email for the Nanny job,i am sorry to tell you that the job has been occupied but i have a good news for you there is a Vacancy for Account Payable/Receivable Clerk.The name of our company is Airway Arts & Crafts company,we deal with Arts, paintings,Sculptures and so on.We are small company and we are just developing.We have customers from different states and we need an honest person who will process payment and receive payments on behalf of our company.You shall undergo the following task:

You shall undergo the following:

1,Check Runs i.e You Distribute 50 Pieces Every week.

2,Posting the checks to individual addresses.

3,You receive funds(cash only) from Customers and you wait on my instruction on what to do with it.

4,Keeping records of every payment issued and received.

This is a Part-time job and it will only take one hour of your time,so it can not disturb your present Job and you can do this job from home and you don't need any prior experience on this job.All you need do is find a USPS and Fed-Ex drop off locations around you,As you will Distribute up to 50-100 Checks every week.You will be paid $300 every week for doing this and you will be paid every 2 weeks,so you get $600 cash every two weeks as your Wages.You also keep every records of funds(cash) received from Customers and checks distributed.You will need to get some materials ready before you can start this job.You do not need any experience to do this job.If you are a serious candidate and you are really interested in doing this,kindly email me today.

I started to reply, but decided to check a little more, because being the smart person I am it just really started raising some red flags. For starters...who's going to pay someone $300 to do a 1 hour job? Besides, I've done office work...this does not seem like it would be one hour and you never know exactly how long it will take. Obviously, there were some other red flags in there, too. So, I started researching. I also found another person on here who actually had been ripped off for over $1,000 from someone with the same email address, but a different alias and a different story. That was the tip off, so I decided to post this so hopefully others will catch it in time like I did.

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