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Nancy Goodman of Raleigh North Carolina

Country United States
State Alabama

Nancy Goodman of Raleigh North Carolina Reviews

  • Jun 27, 2020

Do you remember Nancy Goodman? I think we all recall the racial attack by a white women on two black women who were dining at a Bonefish restaurant in the North Hills section of Raleigh. Nancy Goodman, also a well-known MAGA Soldier, is obsessed with blackness and all things black. She can't even sit down in a public restaurant without black people coming out of her mouth. She is one of millions of white people in America who is obsessed with black people. People like Nancy Goodman can't sleep, eat, work, enjoy places of public accommodation without thinking about black people.

It is beginning to sound like people such as Nancy Goodman are really hiding behind their true feelings, a secret desire. It's not just inferiority at having skin that will not tan, thin perched lips, and a flat butt...However, Nancy Goodman is secretly craving b_ _ _ _ d _ _ k! I wouldn't be surprised if she is on a few of those black dating websites and hooking up with black dudes and black girls. See, Nancy Goodman really wanted one of those women at the Bonefish that night and was mad and jealous at the women for having what black men love. Nancy will never have it.

Next boycott should be outside of Nancy Goodman's house and place of employment which is the North Carolina General Assemby. Yes, she works among likeminded, fellow hate-obsessed, black-obsessed Trumplicans. Go to the Wake County Real Estate Data section of the county tax assessor's website to find Nancy Goodman's home address and protest outside her house. Get you permit first!

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