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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 855-275-6224

Nabicare Reviews

  • Dec 16, 2015

It now two hour I am on hold and no one has yet answered in the customer service department. My son is mentally delayed and heloved the Nabi for all of one month and it stop holding charges. I call the company and they were so nice at first send it back and we will send yu another one,I did and they did, that replaced worked all of one month. After calling for around about a few week they finally decide I should send it back and I did. I kept calling to see when it would be ready after 2 weeks passed, I was told they never recieved it after the tracking number said it had been delivered. After an additonal 2 weeks I called after being on hold one hour , I was asked where was my receipt? I told then I do not know but if I have to pay for the repair I would but what were they going to do? After another 2 weeks and my constant calling they decide after this second round they would replace the nabi.

Now the third replace nabi is not charging that was the problem with all 3 nabis' and now they are not ansering the telephone I have been holding since 1pm and now it is 3:00.

I was told prior that it was the charger and I purchased a charger and it is still not charging.

How can a copany be so cruel to children and their families.

I would be willing to pay for the repair but cannot get in touch with this company noticed my numbr and refusing to pickup their telephone.

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