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N.R.G. Air Conditioning and Heating Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Canoga Park
Address 7008 Owensmouth Ave
Phone 800-775-7961

N.R.G. Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 3, 2015

After receiving several cold calls from NRG Heating and Air, i decided to give it a try and schedule a home inspection. I had an old 30+ year old Lnnox unit that was not usable and needed to purchase a new one. The price was good and they promised a quick installation so i went ahead and ordered it. After the install was done and we tried the unit it was working fine and no issues until we started hearing the sound of water trinkle which was about 7-15 hours later. I figured it's probably coming from the new unit and it's just the sound of water draining out. After several days it was getting hot and we decided to continuously use the new AC. The sound of water trinkle was getting worse but we didn't pay much attention to it until the next night when my spouse called and said that water are coming out from under the floor! When i opened the grill intake suspecting it has something to do with the water trinkle noise i was shocked at what i saw.

Almost 6 gallons of water had accumulated under the unit and was flowing under my hardwood floor and dry walls (view attached images). When called NRG Air they sent their technician to view it and he said it was caused due to a clogged drain pipe and that NRG will work with me to remedy this. He did some work and installed a sensor that will shut the unit off if water are not draining (why it was not installed before i have no clue) and that will help in the future. Until today, that i was finally able to reach the technician 'Joe' no one has even tried to contact me about a remedy to my house damages and pretty much was told by the technician to go and F myself that they are not responsible for this, the drain was clogged after they installed the unit and they inspected water are draining out which is total BS as drain pipes (Especially AC) don't miraculously get clogged 2 days after they were unclogged. Obviously it was not inspected properly and should have as i said before the unit was 30+ years old and was not used. The end result is that now i have to pay a substantial amount of money to fix the damages that could have been prevented if the installer would perform a simple check to make sure water are draining out. I should have read the reviews here and never work with this company.

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