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MyImage Skin and Body

Country United States
State California
City Pasadena
Address 119 W California Blvd
Phone 1 888-955-4664

MyImage Skin and Body Reviews

  • Jun 16, 2020

I attended a Coolsculpting event at this new medspa in September, 2019. I knew nothing of Laura Avanesyan's experience in this area, only that she is not a doctor. I hurried to complete a form before my free consultation. Verbally, and in writing, I indicated my circulatory condition, Raynaud's. I had no knowledge of the procedure, so asked many questions, and was not ready to commit to the procedure. After a quick visit with Laura A., and still needing to know more about the procedure, I was sent to her daughter, office manager, Ruzanna O. to purchase a package deal I did not intend to. I had to go home to get my credit card. Four thousand dollars later, I still wasn't sure this procedure was right for me.

Even with my concerns, Laura A. maintained that I was a good candidate, and a "small" person, with not much fat, but would need 4 overlapping cycles on my abdomen, $$$! I got a second opinion before my appointment, and was told that would be a waste of money. I agreed to use two cycles, like other places offering Coolsculpting would have. I was losing trust in my provider, fast. I got a quick abdominal massage before my arms were treated the same visit. The position my hands were in caused them to go numb with pain 10 minutes before the procedure was complete. Laura A. tried to persuade me to return in 2 weeks for a repeat abdominal treatment. I thought it best to wait for visible results.

I did some internet research, and found that Laura A. was not up front with me about being a good candidate, with Raynaud's. My next visit was for the"banana roll" Laura confirmed needed to be treated on both upper legs. I felt disrespected that day because Laura A. was 1/2 hour arriving for my afternoon appointment, and stayed in the room to watch me remove paper underwear and get dressed. Unprofessional. I saw no positive results on any of the 3 areas after 3 months, then requested new photos. The "Before" were taken with a white background and indirect lighting. The "After" photos used a black background and bright direct lighting (whiteout effect). Laura A. was especially pleased with results she insisted she saw in the photos on the banana roll area. I saw no improvement after, and no "banana roll" before, yet she freely took my money. You be the judge. See attached photos, for an example. The only change is a bump I now wear on my right abdomen.

Initially I feared a medical concern, but an Ultrasound ruled that out. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia cannot be reversed by another Coolsculpting treatment. I cancelled the remaining cycles. From the start, I was pressured to purchase more Coolsculpt cycles. At each visit, Ruzanna O. heavily pressured me to purchase Botox, and other services (I repeatedly stated I was not interested in), and even take out a loan for them! As probably the first non family, paying, Coolsculpt client at MyImage, I cannot recommend this procedure there. Zeltiq/Allergan takes a substantial commission from the sale of their products. This affects the disposition of their client, if they are not doing well. More than 3 months after my last appointment, posting a disappointing review, and receiving repeated annoyance calls from Zeltiq company, I had one more interaction with MyImage Skin and Body.

I found out my photos were posted on Facebook. I had rescinded permission to use them in December. I called the office, leaving a voice message to remove them because they were causing a problem. Incited by Laura, the next morning, an associate/5 star reviewer, Amanda, left a threatening, harassment message on my answering machine. She claimed to be an agent from a non existing, security and legal services company. Amanda very poorly read a scripted message that I now maintain a record of. Shameful, unprofessional behavior, Laura!

The 9 MyImage Google reviews at the time of this post were from friends and relatives, including Laura A., and her daughter. She often dressed inappropriately for a medical professional, like she was going on a dinner date after the appointment, in her dress and stiletto heels. Choose wisely based on all observations when opting for CoolSculpting. It does not work for everyone, and positive results of 20-25% fat loss are not guaranteed after one treatment, depending on what the provider wishes to tell you. It's best to deal with a licensed physician when you agree to this procedure.

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