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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1-833-200-3343

MyFlightSearch Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2021

This company is a Rip Off... I bought my Airlines Tickets back in May per thier email and written statement I would get my E Tickets after payment posted..well here it is today 10-8-2021 and after 21 emails and 25 calls asking for my ETickets since the flight is in 2 weeks I ahve nothing. My card was charged which now I am dipsuting with CC company.

I have all the emails and copies of the calls to get this...Here is thier will get them with 72 hours each and every time of corresponding with them ..and when I asked after thier staement once payment posted just another excuse. When last night I called United Airlines...they told me they see my name and my daughters..but there is no flight number that I told them I had...So I did rebook with United got my E Tickets and iternery within minutes for the same day and return date.

I should have done my reseach as you can see when you google them all bad review and just check out thier many complaints as well.

They should be put out of buisness.

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