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Country United States
State Washington
City Spokane Valley
Address 521 N. Argonne Rd, Suite B101
Phone (844) 422-3487

My123StudentRelief Reviews

  • Jul 27, 2017

I was contacted and was told that I qualify for a problem funded by Ombama and I would have to pay 650 and if I didn't qualify that I would get a full refund for the full amount paid and this took place on 4/19/2017 and I haven't heard back from anyone and now I can't even get on their website

  • May 10, 2017

I enter into this agreement that my 123 student relief loan to lower my payment. Paid them $795.00.after I paid the last payment I could not reach no one .before I talk to person. Don Eynon Kristene Sheriel this person was welcom committee.I thank it is a shame that people u trust would do such a thing.I hope I get my money back or at lease some of it

  • Mar 9, 2017

My name is Pete, I got a call from this Scam company my 123 student relief telling me they were the department of education. A woman named Andy called me. She was telling me I was qualified for some program that Obama had that gets rid of all my student loans. I asked her right up front was there any fees. She said none at all. So, thinking shs with the student loan company i gave her all my personal information. My social, my income. After its all said and done she tells me I have to give her $600 dollars in order to process my paperwork. I asked her up front was there a cost. Come to find out she's not even with my student loan company. Shes just some scam company trying to rip people off. When I started asking questions, she hangs up on me. I called back and another lady picks up the phone named Danielle, I ask her to put Andy on the phone and she gets all quiet and puts her 'boss" on the phone. Some guy named Bill. I told him what happened and he starts yelling and telling me he has all my info. I hung up and called my Student loan company who told me My123 Student Relief is a scam and that they are aware of them. How can a company like this get away with this. I have filed a police report. This scam company has my personal info. I this scam company is in WA State. They just opened this name 1/24/17. And they already are the target of an investigation from the department of education. I am lucky i didn't give them no money or else I would been done in by this scam company too. My 123 student relief scam. There website is

If you been contacted by this company call the cops and call your student loan company. We work hard for our money. They just wanna take it from us. They took me for a fool. I hope they get what they got coming. Not sure who owns this place. they got it hidden. You better believe i'm going to find out.

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