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My Private Sale

Country United States
State Alabama

My Private Sale Reviews

  • Dec 4, 2021

I made a retail purchase to the value of $20 from My Private Sale ( after seeing a FB advert. Purchase made, order confirmation received. One week later I see a $49.90 charge on my credit card from the same company - My Private Sale ( - which immediately made me think - I've been scammed!

I contacted My Private Sale ( and they said by ordering through them and accepting the default T&Cs of shipping, I am automatically signed up to their membership scam of $49.90 per month. I went back and checked my order confirmation and all emails from them.

Nowhere in any email did My Private Sale ( say "You have been subscribed to our membership program" - the only thing My Private Sale ( said was "As a member of My Private Sale you get exclusive access to deals" - The same generic message you get on every order you place with any retailer who automatically sign you up to their member list.

Nowhere in any email did I receive a sign-up confirmation email for the membership program.

Nowhere was I asked to confirm acceptance of the membership terms and conditions

Nowhere in any email did they provide an option to unsubscribe from the membership program.

The only way I found out was by monitoring my credit card statement and seeing an additional charge.

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