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MX Revival Adam Kruger

Country United States
State Iowa
City Mitchellville
Address 111 Mill St SW
Phone 515 577 8848

MX Revival Adam Kruger Reviews

  • Jan 21, 2023

I paid him $1000.00 dollars when I dropped the Motorcycle off to him. And another $1000.00 a couple of months later when he said he needed ot as prices had risen for parts. He said he would send me pictures to show his progress. Never got any pictures. I kept emailing ( I have all of these emails ) him wanting to know how he was progressing on the bike. In one of his replys to my email he wanted even more money but I told him that there would be no more money until he sent me pictures of my motorcycle. This went on for several years and so finely I went to his shop to confront his and I wanted my motorcycle back and my money back. When I got to his shop it was a different buisness completely. I was beyond pissed. I then went to the local Casey's to cool down and get a drink. When I got there, there was a police man just coming out of the building. I stopped him and asked if he knew Adam Kruger and he told me that he did know him and I told him why I was there and he said I was the eighth person that he now knowes that has been ripped off by Adam. I had him fill out a police report and to let me know when the police would look into this. He said that they probably won't do any thing as it most likely would be a Civil suite and not a criminal suite. My question to him was how many people does Adam have to cheat and steal from for them to do something about it. The policeman told me he had heard the Adam had moved his business to somewhere around Des Moine. A couple of years later I got an address and drove to is and no one was home. It was not a business but a home address.

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