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Musick Auction

Country United States
State Idaho
City Nampa
Address 1110 E Karcher Rd
Phone 1 208-466-7400

Musick Auction Reviews

  • Feb 23, 2022

Here are some detailed reasons not to do business with this auction.

1. They misrepresent their products. I bought a car, they stated it ran, it doesn't.

2. My mechanic told me the seller (whether this was the action or the seller) knew the headgaskets were blown due to what he found in the inspection. They didn't disclose this, so they intentionally misrepresented the car to mislead people into paying more.

3. The auction will not return multiple calls made to help you resolve the issue.

4. I have talked to 3 mechanics locally all have said they personally and many of their customers have the same experience I have had.

5. Other auction places also said they have been told many times by buyers that this group intentionally misleads buyers.

6. The DMV paperwork was some of the laziest paperwork I have ever seen, they didn't even bother to put the VIN on it.

I have had good luck with other auctions, avoid doing business with this one at all costs.

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