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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 916 586 7720

MushroomiFi Reviews

  • Sep 15, 2022

My son placed an online order for some supplies for a school science experiment & I payed using my PayPal account. When we never received an email with tracking information I contacted the company immediately. I never received a response.

I waited two weeks then sent another email letting them know that they had 24 hours to send me tracking or I was going to dispute the charge with PayPal.

I then received an email back from them promptly stating that they needed another $210 for me to purchase a license to get the shipment to me here in the US. They said that the package was held up in customs and this needed to be resolved right away. They said once the $210 payment was paid they would issue a refund of the $200 because it was only $10 to purchase the license.

I then responded to them stating that they said that they were a US company so there should be no customs issue and they should already have a tracking number if it was being held in customs and requested that immediately.

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