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Muscular Moving Men & Storage

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 2950 E Mohawk Ln suite 100
Phone 602-923-6400

Muscular Moving Men & Storage Reviews

  • Aug 2, 2022

Muscular Moving Men Facebook Reviews from Yelp: 1* We moved from Phoenix AZ cross country to Lancaster PA. I will say our items arrived in a timely manner, however some things were either missing or broken upon arrival. When we first moved across country with a different company literally only one cup was broken out of tons of boxes.

This company would only refund me $100 and I had to fill out paperwork. We had just moved cross country who has time for that? Also They quote u one price and bump it way up the day of moving based off of "weight." Had i known would've went with a more expensive but better company to begin with. I would use a diff company in future but we were short on time and money.

Yelp: 1* I'm sad to write this review as we have used Muscular Movers 3 times and the first 2 were good but this last time was horrible! We got the bait and switch on the pricing, quoted 1 price and then day of pickup the price was higher and what can you do at the last minute!

Then when our stuff arrived we had items missing, broken and items in with our stuff that was not even ours. I could go on and on but they don't seem to care as I called them right away to tell them everything and got no help at all. They used to be a good company but no more.

Management/Owners should be aware of these things and act promptly but obviously they only care about your $$$$ BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!

Yelp: 1* What a total scam these people are. Where do I begin. If you want to guarantee your belongings will be damaged, and be overcharged based on your estimate. Then after purchasing their crappy insurance which does nothing then by all means go ahead and use these people. Worst moving company ever. Unprofessional and scam artists

Yelp: 1* Disaster experience with these guys on our local move this weekend. Before I get into the issues I do want to point out that the guys who moved our stuff were fantastic. They worked their tails off and were very friendly. So why 1 star?

Yelp: 1* When we called to set our move up the salesman insisted on giving a quote without physically seeing the house. We were moving from a 4100 sq ft house and we're quoted a price that felt "too good to be true." Yup, your parents were right!

Yelp: 1* On our moving day the guys showed up in two trucks. There were THREE GUYS to move our entire house. They worked non-stop for 9 hours loading these trucks up. After finally finishing the load we drove to the new house. Here's where the story gets good....

Yelp: 1* Insert Paul, the "supervisor" who lets me know that because it's getting late they want to reschedule the drop off! It's 7:15p on a Saturday night and he wants to hold onto our stuff till Monday. I told him absolutely not, I need my stuff. I'm moving, not ordering a new appliance. SMH

Yelp: 1* He then tells me he's going to have to send additional help (mind you the crew requested this help at 3pm at the first house). I said fine, just get it done. He says, ok I'll send the updated price to my guy and he'll need you to sign off before anything is unloaded. He even has the nerve to make it sound like this is somehow my fault for taking so long. I'll let you guess what happens next.....YUP, my quote jumps in price to nearly double the original quote. Shocker!

Yelp: 1* Finally we got everything unloaded into our house at 10pm. What a day, and I will NEVER use this company again. I felt terrible for the guys doing the work and fed, hydrated, and tipped them very well. Those poor guys deserved much better.

Yelp: 1* Oh yeah, best part is I talked to the main guy the next day and he told me after they left us that he had to help at another move that went even later than ours. You've been warned....find another moving company.

Yelp: 1* Where do I start! The crew, three guys were nice as heck, BUT...they damaged so much of our stuff. I bought insurance but I'm very doubtful the insurance will cover the negligent by the movers.

Yelp: 1* They wrapped nothing and dragged everything. I have chip marks on my TV console, nightstands, a storage container that is metal they bent the lid, a concrete patio table is now chipped. (Photos Below) My husband even wrapped some items hoping they would wrap it too, (double protection) because I was told they wrapped everything...not true. Thankfully he wrapped what he wrapped or it would had been worse! The only thing they wrapped was our mattresses. I'm hoping the TV is fine, but I won't know Until cable is set-up tomorrow.

Yelp: 1* They forgot the screws to the dining room table and a bar that is necessary for the table to be set-up, therefore, when they needed to set it up, they couldn't. Who got charged for their mistake - I Did! I was livid.

Yelp: 1* The movers tried to explain why they had to charge me, which was BS, but obviously I had no choice but to pay. I mean they are the movers, not the finance department.

Yelp: 1* Some one from the office called Justin and if I knew all the damage then, I would had let him know, but I didn't.

Yelp: 1* Plus, I was stressed to the max because of moving. My husband has brain cancer and trying to keep him calm and moving, well, not an easy task.

Yelp: 1* They hit me up for insurance, why I paid for it no idea! Stupid move on my part from reading other reviews. I got a feeling I will be refunded nothing and just have to deal with chips and bent lids.

Yelp: 1* Oh, the property I moved to, said they are a preferred mover, well, i spoke to them yesterday and another tenant used them & you probably guessed it, Muscular Movers are no longer a preferred vendor. Don't use them.

Yelp: 1* If I update my review it is because they refunded me, otherwise, stay away from them. NOTHING WAS REFUNDED, NOTHING WAS DONE Just told to fill out a claim form - great, I pay a deductible for their movers negligence and not wrapping a thing! Cool! NOT -UPDATE

Yelp: 1* Yes, a claim adjuster contacted me and I have to pay a deductible for your movers negligence and no nothing was damaged. My daughter can tell you that, but please believe your movers.

Yelp: 1* Last but not least, thanks for addressing the other issue. The movers forgetting items causing an overage, but the customer has to pay for the movers mistake. Adeline has been informed and they told me they would not recommend your company to any future tenants.

Yelp: 1* Muscular moving alway sends a rep to my broker company to rave about how great they are so I thought I give them a chance. Well, never again, first, they changed my moving time to later the day of the move no discount for the inconvenience, them the movers showed up without calling ahead of time and I happened to see to truck outside. I moved from a 1230 sf condo to a house 1800 sf that is 5 minutes away, no appliances. My final bill was $1250 when I asked for an itemized bill and the head crew would not give me one, when I asked why my bill went up, he said I was being charged for tape and and moving material. Charged $20 per tape!!!! When I said I wanted and itemized receipt before I pay him he said no and that he would not leave until I pay him so I did. I bought my own boxes and packed myself. I still don't have an itemized receipt so I'm not sure what exactly I paid for. They also left one of my beds unfinished, see picture, and other things happened that would make this review too long. I'm never recommending them to my fellow realtors let along clients!!

Yelp: 1* Absolutely the worst executed local 9 mile move ever. 1) the sales team misquoted the move. 2) the team showed up without supplies needed. 3) the team left items behind. 4) the directors Jim and David didn't return calls to make it right for the customer. 5) they are all about the sale and not about the execution or customer service. 6)over priced move with lack of quality or care.

Yelp: 1* The name of the company is a hype! Big mistake using them. They are dishonest. Damaged furniture, charge for materials not used, no organization to how they packed the storage unit. All boxes were marked and should have been separated as marked. Paid no attention to this request. Horrible experience. Would never recommend to anyone. Tried to hide damage made to numerous items. A chunk of wood was missing from my cherry wood desk, broke kitchen table leg off, put sideboard upside done in storage without padding, broke solid wood end table edge. (Of course didn't tell us). One guy appeared to be drugged as he crazily jumped into/ out of moving truck.

I have nothing good to say about this company. I have moved multiple times and never experienced what I did with this company. DO NOT USE THEM. BIG MISTAKE. Broke table, didn't notify us. Charged for materials and supplies not used and not authorized. Left the last items in one of their huge moving boxes. Lame company with huge hype, the leader of the team had way too much energy not to be on something. I used them twice in one week but they did a horrible job of keeping any organization.

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