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Mukundkumar V. Patel MD

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 9250 N 3rd St #3010
Phone 1 623-238-7750

Mukundkumar V. Patel MD Reviews

  • Jan 16, 2023

I spent two hellish days in that so called hospital. The paramedics brought me there for possible heart thing, but said it wasn't that bad. They said it barely registered on there machine. I was in the area two years ago and went to see dr. m. Patel for cancer. I wasn't there one minute and he groped me. I ran out of there and never went back. My cancer is now healed from juicing, I refused all conventional treatments, i had no surgery, no chemo, no radiation. I went to john C. Lincoln hospital, so-called, for a heart thing and dr. m. patel comes into my room. He stocked me and hunted me down. And was there looking at my breasts up and down. I screamed and told him to get out. I was not there for cancer but that would not matter, I did not ask him to come there and it is not good to up upset heart patient. WOW.Nurse Diane should not be a nurse, she yells alot. She yelled at a heart patient. They are incompetent and do not know what they are doing. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN. I DID. I RAN OUT OF THERE AND DIDN'T STOP RUNNING. THEY DO MORE TO UPSET THE PATIENTS THAN THEY DO TO HELP THEM.

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