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Muck Rack

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Phone (310) 489-7746

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  • Feb 19, 2022

The Following are the Facts about Dennis H Wilen and can be verified on goverment websites like the Courts and goverment:

1) Dennis Wilen will drive by you're home all hours of the day and night and Honks his horns NON-stop for NO reason but to disturb you're peace and violate the County noise ordinance for his neighbors.

2) Dennis H Wilen Has been involved in a FORECLOSURE, On 04/01/2010 for a condo address at: LA CA

3) Dennis H Wilen Has had a Tax lien Certificate Number: 20101808988 filing date 12/08/2010

4) Dennis H Wilen has an Expired 2008 real estate broker document under his name

5) Dennis Wilen will go on the internet and and alleges fabricated, delusional and perjured defamatory and slanderous stories of individuals following him around and waving a chainsaw and calling him names. He does that to get attention from strangers on the internet and from his neighbors because he is a sad, lifeless and bored individual. Videos are taken for documentation! Police and 911 were called each time!

6) Dennis H Wilen will solicit and hire Marijuana companies to deliver drugs to you're door, which you must reject and call the police to document. He does it to scare you, harass you, stalk you and to cause you emotional distress. Police were called, videos of the individuals and emails are all given to the police!

7) Dennis H Wilen Drives a 4 door older model beaten up Black Avalon XLE with a CA TAG NO: 7HLT182, he will speed up next to you and behind you trying to push you're car on to the incoming traffic which can cause you a head on collision. He does NOT care about the safety or wellbeing of the kids in the area walking by or the passengers/ drivers next to him. This was all documented to the police and 911 was called.

8) Dennis H Wilen is a Prejudice, xenophobic and raciest man who does NOT like any one who is NOT white or jewish like him. He often calls every one an " anti-semite" for questioning the validity of his crazy fabricated stories on the internet. He does this to gain sympathy and attention!

9) Dennis H Wilen is a stalker who is solicited and recruited via the Bel Air Hills HOA members, he is obviously a bored and lonely individual with serious mental issues driving by 24/7 by his neighbor's homes causing drama! Police were called again on him!

10) Dennis Wilen constantly posts pictures of his MRI and Medical records and Medicare Gaps and pay information on his Medical bills to solicit sympathy and attention on the internet.

11) Dennis H Wilen is a public figure writing for A Jewish Journal los Angeles, a Webmister Gru and therefore should be avoided 100% for his odd, border line illegal and scary behavior toward the public. He has posted many PUBLIC photos of himself all over the internet which are appended hereinto for the public to view.


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