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MTS Technologies, Inc.

Country United States
State Virginia
City Arlington
Address 2800 S Shirlington Road, Suite 1000
Phone 703.575.2900

MTS Technologies, Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 22, 2017

This company owed me 285.00 and they contacted me and said they were dissolving and had to pay me back. They said they would put it back in my checking account.

I stupidly gave them access to my account and they did show they had put 1000.00 in my account. When I asked why he said his bank would only all him ti put 1000.00 dollaes is my account. He instructed me to go to Walmart and buy 700.00 worth of I tunes cards and read the numbers off to him. Which I did. When I got home I checked my bank account and i was cleaned out of 700.00.I have no money to pay my bills.

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