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Mts Mobile Truck Repair

Country United States
State Montana
City Bozeman
Address 1525 W Main St
Phone (406) 545-5455

Mts Mobile Truck Repair Reviews

  • Jul 2, 2016


Dont pay anything upfront, they dont show up , they steal your money

  • Jul 1, 2016

scam alert!!!!

scam, don't call these people, they will steal your money up front and won't show up to do any work, they are not mechanics or road side service company, all they want is to steal your money, taking them to court, hoping he will get caught soon for fraud

  • Jun 28, 2016


reporting them to all of the government agencies until I see this guy in the news and in jail for stealing money from the community

  • May 11, 2016

Mts Mobile Truck Repair

Mts Mobile Truck Repair has been a great company to work with for the past 10 years, excellent source of repair calls for shops who provided service calls to our company. I would recommened to use them for your future use in breakdowns in the area.

  • Jun 28, 2016


YOU STOLE 470 for a spare tire replacement which you could not change because you are not even a mechanic, you are a thief, you are going to court soon

  • Mar 25, 2016

I work for a trucking and repair shop. We received a phone call this afternoon, from a woman named, Jen. Jen informed us of a semi, broke down in Ashland, Montana. Something about his breaks. We went on the service call, 45 miles from our shop, after hours, diagnosed and repaired this mans trailer. Made up the work order and tallied up the bill. While giving the truck drivers boss all of the information, he proceeds to tell me that he had all ready paid, some woman named Jen, $480.00 through EFS. When I call Jen's number, a man answers and then puts me on hold. He comes back on the line and tells me that what's done is done, just have the truck drivers company pay the bill. That I can not speak to Jen and good luck getting our money! He hung up on me. I call the truck drivers boss back and he now tells me that since he all ready paid $480.00, that he can not afford to pay us.

First of all, we never ask for money up front on a service call because we do not know what repairs, if any, are needed. Second, if I were that mans boss, I'm pretty sure that I would locate a repair shop, closest, to the broke down truck, not half of a state away. Finally, I can sure promise , that this situation will not happen again. I will make sure, exactly, who I am speaking with and always get the persons name and phone number.

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