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Mr. Cooper

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 8950 Cypress Waters Blvd.
Phone 888-480-2432

Mr. Cooper Reviews

  • Jun 14, 2022

Mr. Cooper / Previously Nationstar MTG

I refinanced my mortgage with Mr. Cooper (Previously Nationstar) in 2021. Upon refinancing I had a couple of debts that needed to be rolled into the loan. One in particular that actually drug out the closing because it was required to be paid to close the loan. All of the information in terms of paperwork and documentation of this said debt was in the closing paper work, however, the debt was never paid. When I reached out to my loan officer(Bob Maiale) and his leader (Shannon Adams) from the Irving, TX office, I was told that it was in fact a miss on their part, but it had already been processed and there was "nothing they could do about it." I since than have had my wages Garnished by my employer (how embarrassing), and continued to reach out formally to Mr. Cooper to file a complaint in hopes that someone could help to make light of the situation, with not only no response, but received a letter that my monthly payments would go up 100$ per month due to escrow increases.

Mr. Cooper showed no accountability, empathy, or took no opportunity to make the situation right. I, in no way wanted them to absorb my debt, but simply avoid wage garnishment.

  • May 20, 2019

WARNING. If your mortgage was with Seterus and/or it has been transferred to "Mr. Cooper" (JAY BRAY'S COMPANY) YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!

These crooks are extortion artists employed by the crooks at Fannie Mae to hold your home hostage, threaten to throw you out in the street if you do not pay their extortion fees! They will keep charging you extortion fees on top of the existing ones and refuse payment to fake a foreclosure!

  • Nov 28, 2018

My Dad and Mom took out a loan with another company who sold the loan to Nationstar or USBank. Mr.Cooper is now the loaner. My dad passed away causing a loss of income to my mom. She has filled out several modification forms and it’s been proven that the loan is too much for her to repay but they are refusing to give her help due to her debt to income ratio. Their only option is that she pay the pass due amount plus fees that have accrued and interest which is being added everyday. They have taken her to foreclosure court and we are now waiting for foreclosure sale date. I, Cleo Pringle, am one of the daughters who have been calling constantly for help and each time I am connected to someone new who says the account is being reviewed and someone will call me back. When I do get a call the option they give is that we sell the property and prepare for a new start. My mom is 76 years old and can not afford a new start.

  • Jul 26, 2018

Nationstar/Mr. Cooper came into our lives in 2013. They apparently bought the mortgage from my Bank Of America. Since then, it was like they were trying to steal the House.

This is my Childhood Home.

My Mother, who was bedridden for 33 years, had to be moved from the Home and put into one that provided 24-hour Care. I moved into the House with my own family. We took care of the Mortgage Payments and everything else for her.

My Husband missed a few payments over 4 years. Finally, he was talked into doing a Modification.

He made the Trial Payments.

And a few times, for one reason or another, the Modification never "went through", and the payments were instead applied to the principal. The Modification process had to be restarted numerous times.

Fast forward to November of 2017. We received five foreclosure notices in one day.

My Husband called them right away and was assured that he should just keep making the modification payments and there would be no Foreclosure, or the Auction that the letters threatened.

My Husband continued to make the payments. Each time he called to make the Payments over the Phone with one of their "Customer Service Agents", he was assured that the money was being applied to the Modification.

Fast forward to January 25th, 2018.

There was a knock at the Door. Then, the Door opened.

There was a Man who announced himself and announced that he had bought the House.

I was shocked. I told him that it wasn't possible. He assured me that it was. He said that on January 9th, there was an Auction right on my front Lawn, with about 20 People bidding on my House.

The Mortgage balance was right around $57,000. This Man won the Auction with a bid of $160,000.

We never received a notice that the House had been Auctioned, or sold.

The only way we found out was this Man knocking and then entering our Home.

Now, he is proceeding to tear the House apart and "fix" it. He's a flipper and wants to sell it for a hefty profit. I don't blame him for this. The fault is with Mr. Cooper/Nationstar.

They flat-out lied. They told us we had no reason to worry, and then foreclosed and sold the House out from under us.

My Mother died suddenly and unexpectedly on May 31st. But prior to this, she knew I'd fight this with everything that I have. And I will.

  • Jun 19, 2018

I've had to contact "NATIONSTAR/MR. COOPER" over 40 PLUS TIMES by PHONE, FAX, EMAIL & US MAIL since, the Receipt of Letter on 5/8/17 that, PNC sold my Mortgage to these CROOKS. "NATIONSTAR" basically REFUSED to accept my PAYMENT for 5/1/17 going as far as, sending me a LETTER from, NATIONSTAR Research & Response Dept. dated 6/5/17 stating "Next Payment was DUE 7/1/17 & I had NO OVERDUE PAYMENT'S OWED"! My "AUTODEBIT" Payments to "Nationstar" of started on 6/1/17 & cont. to be received by, Nationstar w/ "NO OVERDUE PAYMENTS" as, DOCUMENTED on the 8/2/17 Nationstar Statement & it was NOT until, Mr. Cooper sent the 9/19/17 Statement that, any DOCUMENTATION stated "I was OVERDUE on ANY PAYMENTS" (as, again PRIOR to that, there was NO DOCUMENTATION stating

"I was OVERDUE on ANY PAYMENTS or that, PAYMENTS were being APPLIED to the PRIOR MONTH” which, Mr. Cooper tried stating in a recent MAY 24th Letter I received & was NOTHING more then, proof of your Mr, Cooper's continued Deceptiveness) in which, Approx. 30 PLUS of these CONTACTS have been made to Mr. Cooper to RESOLVE this ISSUE (of “NATIONSTAR’S” apparent ERROR “according to MR. COOPER”) in which, I have Stacks of LETTER’s/MULTIPLE EMAIL’s from, MR. COOPER stating “They had RECEIVED my Inquiries” but, “FAILED" to EVER Respond until, I started REPORTING them! I have NO PROBLEM/NEVER had a PROBLEM with, making my MONTHLY PAYMENT'S as, I have done so for 16 PLUS YEARS since, Building my Home even went ahead & PAYED my PAYMENT that, was DUE on MAY 1, 2017 (that, I attempted to PAY in MAY of 2017 but, Nationstar REFUSED to accept) & of course my Monthly Payment Due on JUNE 1, 2018 but,

I will NOT Pay for "NATIONSTAR/MR.COOPER'S" MISTAKES & FAILURE TO RESPOND to CUSTOMER'S INQUIRES and with, that being said "I would expect all LATE CHARGES/MISC. CHARGES that, MR. COOPER has placed on my ACCOUNT be REMOVED but, yet these Deceptive Crooks REFUSE to REMOVE"! * If, MR. COOPER feels they are owed these LATE CHARGES/MISC. CHARGES then, they should take it out of their INCOMPETENT EMPLOYEE'S PAYCHECK'S!! You would think after, the MILLION'S that, NATIONSTAR/MR. COOPER have already had to PAY OUT d/t their "Overcharging Borrowers, Failing to PROPERLY Investigate Consumer Complaints, Unfair and Deceptive Practices; etc..." that, they would get their act together but, apparently that, is NEVER going to happen!

  • Jun 3, 2018

Menu Review Detail Run from Mr. Cooper MortgageMr. Cooper 1/5 original star-rating waiting - MODERATION TEAM This review is waiting for approval by the ConsumerAffairs moderation team. We count on members like you to help consumers make well-informed decisions about businesses or products. Write a review Review HistorySubmitted6/4/2018Publishedwaiting PUBLICpublished review 6/4/18 When it comes to mortgage companies sometimes you have no choice when they sell your mortgage to another lender. Bank of America sold our mortgage to Mr Cooper and for 2 years paying this people on time we havr several issues back to back that put us behind on the payment. When I first realized that we were going to be behind I called and asked them what was the best. They told me because it was a VA loan nothing could be done. So we struggled paying for several months always comunicating with them for what could we do. They sent us letters saying " we are here to help you keep your home" but when we called and tried to ask for what they could do it eas mever good enough for them. Forbearance, can't do.

Refinance, they wanted $18,000 in closing cost and fees. Loan modification after 1 month sending them all the documentation they requested, when I finally got someone to answer me first was you make too much money and you can afford the payments. Then when I said please see all my bills they said "oh no, cant do anything because you dont make enough to pay. REALLY? That is why I am asking for help!! Now, the property tax have increased by 50% and the want to collect all from last year and this year. So, I am struggling to pay my mortgage and you will ad another $300 per month to make it more difficult? Everytime we call its another excuse why the can't help. Do not send us any letters you are willing to help but not help at all. If you get a mortgage stay away from them. You might not care at the beginning when all is good, credit, jobs, income, but if something happens and you can't make it, you will have no choice but to loose the house to foreclosure. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

  • Mar 7, 2018

Mr.Cooper refinance my home loan for $99,000.00 and my home is valued for $70,000.00.

they are also take Escrow for my Property Taxes and Insurance; they are not paying the insurance.

Contacted Mr. Cooper concerning the escrow in early February have not heard from they; they do not keep you informed as to what they are doing to your account until you get a statement.

I to has become in Credit disaray due to Nation Star increasing my Mortgage.

  • Jan 25, 2018

Our loan was sold by citi mortgage to Nationstar aka Mr Cooper, house suffered damage from Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, in amt of $112,000.00, check from flood insurance recieved and sent to Mr. Cooper after signing. We owe less than 37.000.00 on mortgage, they sent us 20,000.00 check for "emergency funds" on October 29, 2017, I returned all required paperwork,, was told no more money until 50% completed and inspected. I have used our own savings to pay contractor to get to 50%, call weekly to try to get money for repair, sent receipts of our own money we have spent, requested Inspection of 50%, received call from Inspector and set appt for inspection date and time, I waited 2 hours in drivway and he never showed. I called Mr.Cooper and told them (spoke to supervisior) to request inspector company name, was told they dont know. House remains unlivable now going on 5 months, have always paid on time with 300.00 extra to principle, I hear excuse after excuse was told they can only hold pay-off amt until 100% completed . We are having to live with relatives due to inability to receive money for repairs I am disgusted with this mortgagc company

  • Jan 17, 2018

my mortgage was taken over by this company and since takeover of Nationstar has Ben delinquent. I kept getting mail to do a modification loan and when I called to ask why they informed me I was delinquent by 2 payments. I added these payments to a chapter 13 and have since made all my payments. Today I called to see the so called delinquent balance as I wished to pay and get out of chapter 13 and clear up. I was told I am not delinquent then told I am delinquent? I was told to send 215$ to bring my acct up to March of is January 15 2018. In speaking with rep I was told there is 803 $ in a suspense acct. they could not tell me why this money was there but that I could use it for future Payment. When I asked where it came from could not tell me. I asked why they said I was behind 809$ if there is 803$ sitting in a suspense acct? Now I'm told to become current and fix everything I will need 1587 $ for delinquency and 215$ for my next payment. I am totally confused. I asked if I have a grace period once this is all paid and was told that they give No Grace Period. I was told it takes 3 to five days once I pay thru my checking acct directly to them for it to reflect the payment. My receipts show being pd before the first of month but there's show after the first. They can charge me late fees since I have no grace period. This is so illegal what they are doing and puts people in jeopardy of losing homes. I've had my home for 18 yrs and I see no money coming off actual loan at all. This company needs to be audited by government. Who keeps 800 $ in a surplus acct and then tells you that you are 800$ behind plus late fees etc?

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