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Move 4 Less

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 7632 W Post Rd
Phone 702-889-6683

Move 4 Less Reviews

  • Oct 23, 2017

I have had to move many tie, and this time from Las Vegas,Nevada to Tucson, Arizona, so I need and wantd to ind a reasnaly price local company.Upon finding "Move4Less" I fel since everyone was so kind and helpful as well as appearing proffesional, and the price of moving was reasonable, I would use them.When the packers arrived and the packing was taking place, being that there were at least 5 guys, ,maybe ne in one room 2 in another, possible another guy in another room, it was difficult to witnes all of the packing into boxes or whatever, and I had decided to allowe them to do the packing, due to the insurance. but all appeared to be OK. fine.

Upon them having finished and packed, I was then asked to sign a document which stated all the personal belongs which they had packed. Witnessing the above was hardly possible and so being expected to sign such a document waas ridiculous, but sign it I did. They left me with a table and various other things which they were supposed to take AND DID NOT.

Eventually My husband and I found a house, but in the meantime, their storage facilitity had been used.

Upon the guys turning up to the house, they demanded, before my goods were delivered that I sign another document statting I would have received everything that had been left with them, even before I culd see whether I had received my belongings as well as furniture.

I had no wish to sign such a document but was informed, if I did not sign I would not get my belongings, they wowuld not unpack them, and they would have to leave with them.

I had no option but to sign, so under my signature I placed the words "UNDER DURESQUE", but was told, they could not unpack if hose words remained on that document. So they made me sign the document again withiout those words, while i obviously was under duresque.

Upon the guys starting to unpack, my husband and I noticed a few things and pointed them out, but certainly not as many as we were to fnd out about.

Eventually a freezer was found severely dented, a new fridge had been left with no handles, bookshelves withno shelves, a 850 dollar treadmill broken with a part missing, a bicycle complelely not useable. The front completely not workable, part missing also. A chair, part of a set broken, honey which was in a jarpacked in a box which had opened up mixed with cords and wires. A karaoke machine with the handle broken, an so on, so forth.

Absolutely horrible, horrible company and while I beleive that there are some who were fortunate an did not have to go through this nightmarre with this awful unprofessioal company, even the guys who witness some of the upsetting happenings with this disaster materialising, stated howbad a job had been done, and they themselves would never, not have packed or done things the way this had gone.

I am hurt, at the lack of consideration in respect of all my hard work to obtain these materialisitic things, and upset that this company did not respect my possessions in respect of emotional value.

I firmly do not believe I will receive anything even close, with insurance, for the cost of all that has been broken, shattered and made not useable.

At the end of all this, to make things even worse, the amount I paid for the move was far in excess of what I was told and since my goods were held hostage, I was obligated to pay what ws asked for.

DISGUSTING that a company can behave in this matter and for them no retribution (SO FAR)

  • Sep 27, 2016

The two men that moved my household goods was careless. They dropped one of my Hollywood Loft night stand which is part of a bedroom collection. It cost more than $500. They dropped it, cracked the mirror and they never said anything. They knew they damaged it and that was the last item they decided to move. They distracted me by having me sign the final paperwork to complete move, while I was signing, they put the nightstand upstairs. They immediately left. I went upstairs of my 2 story home to find they have damaged it. I was shocked. Move4less has dishonest employees who do not own up to their mistakes. I did not even see damages done until after they left. I tried calling the mobile number 3 times from one of the employees who assisted with the move, and no answer. They know they charged my credit card $291 for the move, damaged my goods and left knowing they did me wrong. I immediately contacted Move4less and they stated they are not going to reimburse me for the full cost of the night stand because I did not purchase full coverage insurance. How is this my fault? I should have not be held responsible for it. I did not damage my own stuff! They were going to send someone to fix it but no one ever did. They had me fill out a form for a miserable $24 compensation check, from a third party company, I never got that check. The customer service department was very rude. They even yelled at me when all I was doing was expressing my frustration. They are usless and nothing was ever resolved. I jumed through hoops with my credit card company proving to them that they did me wrong. I sent them photos of damages also.

Trina Carnate, North Las Vegas, Nevada

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