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MotorMax Financial Services

Country United States
State Georgia
City Columbus
Address 216 Thirteenth St.
Phone 1-800-639-7283

MotorMax Financial Services Reviews

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  • Jan 23, 2016

I had a title loan w title max my payments became hard to pay. I found motormax online called and was told they could reduce my payment and I could borrow up to $800 on top of title loan. I only went that route because I was in a bind I got $700 on top of title loan. My title max loan payoff was $5993.69 my payoff amount w motormax is twice that amt at $12.554.64 that also includes the $700 I borrowed on top of title max payoff amount. Unfortunately w my first payment I had an issue arise that prevented me from making my full payment so I sent them as much as I could to show them I fully intend to pay off the loan in full. Six days later I get a call letting me know they don't take partial.payments or money orders that they were sending it back. I explained what happened was told I would be charged a late payment fee this was before payment was even due. Since then I've called and talked to the same lady keeping her informed of the situation w my payment letting her know I'll make the payment as soon as I get a check deposited that's late. She tells me that my acct is under review by mgmt told me if payment wasn't received by Mon they will start the repossession process and terminate my loan. On Mon my payment will be 10 days late which is within time period before late fee is charged. I got out my contract and it clearly states in black and white that they don't start repossession procedures until 20 days past due date. I called talked to same rep who tried to dispute what the contract clearly says trying to say was different because of city I got my loan in. Contract doesn't say getting loan in certain cities has different terms. She then tells me if my payment isn't made by Feb my loan will be terminated. My 20 days is up until the 4th of Feb and I will have payment made before then I'm disabled get a check once a month for some reason it's been delayed this month they know this. I may end up being behind a payment but every payment will be made before they start the repossession procedure 20 days after late payment date. I don't understand how she can dispute what's in black and white on my contract I also don't know how she could be so rude or why they won't accept partial payments as they are getting some money on loan but they DON'T want to work w you. Even banks and credit card companies as well as title max take partial payments and will work with you to get caught up. These people are really nice when you're borrowing the money but are really ugly after you get it. I've never dealt w a company like this or the rude people working for it. I'm seriously considering getting a lawyer involved filing for bankruptcy to keep my vehicle if need be. I'm not an idiot I can read and know what my contract says. Their practice should be investigated they're APR is 55% much higher than banks and other lending companies it should be regulated like banks are because they are a lending company. Had I known I would be threatened w repossession even before date late charge would be applied and them not working w you not taking partial payments and how if you pay extra on loan to pay it off sooner and you actually don't like I've read on this site, I'd have made arrangements w title max on my loan APR was cheaper and they will work w you. You have to be 60 days w no payment made before they take repossession procedures. This company has shady business practices am sure have to go against BBB guidelines not working w customers at all. I think those of us who have been treated this way should contact the BBB to complain maybe something can be done about these practices. I will never refer anyone to motormax unless they can't get a consumer loan. Try working w company that's holding your car title first use this company as the very last resort you'll save money and deal w more understanding people who won't be rude or nasty to you trying to dispute terms of your contract.

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  • Dec 5, 2016


I am a former employee, their collections practices are terrible. The collectors argue with customers, tell them they need to pawn all of their items of value or not pay anything else they have but that they better pay for their vehicle. They say under hardships that they can grant you a deferred payment and then demand that you provide them with sensitive medical information to grant that deferment. I am glad that I don't work for them anymore. I was a collector and I loved working with my customers but the other collectors in the room used illegal practices to collect debts. They threatened and insulted customers on a daily basis. It is a miracle that the company has not been involved in a lawsuit. Those girls don't care how they get the money from a customer, they will get it one way or the other.

  • Sep 19, 2017

Bad company to do business with...never again.

Motormax is beyond bad, they charge double or more for the loan amout, and if you try to pay the loan off early (say within a year even two) they quote you an amount that is equal to what you borrowed,not giving you credit for any of the payments made towards the principal, but taking all the money paid and applying it towards the finance (interest) charges only.

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