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Moses McWilliams

Country United States
State Florida
City Baton Rouge
Address 2144 Plank Rd
Phone 702-635-6127

Moses McWilliams Reviews

  • Feb 23, 2017

On Jan 04/20017 Moses McWilliams estimated the cost of a plumbing leak at eight hundred dollars and that price would be reduced if the problem proved to be less. He was paid three hundred up front to cover materials and said that the job could thak up to two or three days.

He came back with a contract and at that time he was given $300 and a musical instrument in order to cover $100 of the balance.He found the problem to be less than expected and did not use pipes to correct the problem, instead he poured concrete oner thebroken pipe.

At that time he requested the balance and was paid $400. The concrete did not solve the problem because the water seeped through the pours of the concrete. He said that he would fix it if I paid for the materials.

I said that I would not pay any more money and he said "that's up to you" and walked off.I told him to call it settled if he would refund $500 and he said "that's not going to happen".

I have and left a message requestina a recite, since he dostn't answer my calls I have also mailed a certified letter, that has not been acceoyed, requesting a recite.

I have also filed in Small Claims Court on this matter.

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