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Mortgage Makeovers Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Newhall
Address 23030 Lyons Avenue, Suite 108
Phone (818) 540-5454

Mortgage Makeovers Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 21, 2016

My case seems exactly like the other reports filed here. In August 2014, after listening to the radio show "Mortgage Makeovers", I paid Ken Michaels $5,000 as a refundable deposit if he was not able to get results on my case to "reduce the principal amount owed on my mortgage." During the entire year and a half, I received a lot of run-around and excuses why my case was not settled yet - and after a year and a half, felt I might have been scammed and wanted out. In January 2016, I requested my full refund and was told I would have it within a few weeks - blaming all delays on the "investors". I decided there would be no further communication whatsoever until I was ready to fully take him to Small Claims Court. I went to Federal Bankruptcy court to investigatge any prior BKs, I obtained a full profile report on which stated Ken Michaels' several aliases and personal contact info, I prepared a full copy of every single text and email over the last year and a half, I filed a formal complaint with the CA Dept. of Real Estate (which told me there is a 3 year statute on these matters and I should file my claim immediately), and I sent a demand letter to Ken Michaels and KFRG radio station (CBS affiliate) giving them 30 days to fully refund my money or I would pursue legal actions. I had my Small Claims' paperwork prepared and ready to go. I documented all communication with Ken Michaels in the event I did go to court. Mr. Michaels behaved very rudely and try to threaten and intimidate me. I had (and continue to have) all my facts prepared if I had to go to court to prove that, in my opinion, Ken Michaels took money for services never rendered. I believe, if I had not threatened legal action and done all that I mentioned above, I am sure I would still be sitting here without my money. I believe as a direct result of the pressure put upon the radio station - which in turn put pressure on Ken Michaels to resolve this matter - Mr. Michaels did refund my entire $5,000 on the very last day of the 30 days he was given. I am writing this to share my experience and what I did to receive my money back. Ken Michaels, in my opinion, cannot be trusted and I would recommend you pursue business elsewhere.

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