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Morgan Financial Recovery

Country United States
State Utah
City Provo
Address 1800 Novell Place, Floor 4/405,
Phone (929) 538-3571

Morgan Financial Recovery Reviews

  • Feb 21, 2024

Mr. Miller was the representative that contacted me from this company. He has way too thick of a Russian accent to be born a "Miller", but that was not a concern initially when I conference called him with the BitTrust (Canadian based) scammer, Bejamin Gray (who also has a thick Russian accent) that stole $80,000 from me through an online trading scam. I was owed $1.2 M through the trades, but when I went to withdraw, BitTrust claimed the IRS demands I must pay 20% ($250K) in taxes up front before they would release my profits.... which, as the IRS will validate, is also a SCAM. Mr. Miller supposedly froze the BitTrust wallet worth over $30 Million dollars with the "Cryptocurrency Exchange's" blessing and said that he would unfreeze it once the taxes were paid.... but these scammers wanted me to pay my portion of taxes up front before releasing any of my profits from BitTrust, so what? They could disappear on me like the many people that have claimed they have stolen from them before... which I discovered through google searches... when Mr. Miller told me to pay Ben Gray up front because Ben could not pay me initially with a "frozen wallet" worth over $30M... I told him it was impossible that Mr Gray did not have another bank account to wire me the 20% directly which was the supposed arrangement we made. So Mr Miller sounded like he and the fellow Russian scammer shared an office in Moscow and intended to steal my additional "tax money" together.

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