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Morgan Company Builders and Designers

Country United States
State Texas
City Scurry
Address 9621 S Fm 148
Phone (214) 206-6328

Morgan Company Builders and Designers Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2016

CJ Morgan is rip-off and scam artist contractor- he will not finish what you pay him to do and you will end up spending more money- BBB complaint # He will take your money and will not take care of the project. He will bully you to take your money and leave your house in a mess. He took $53,000 for a room addition and never completed the work. He began the project on 6/1/16 and as of August 21, house is only 25% completed. He is often (MIA) in missing in action with excuses such as –he is on vacation, he is sick etc. He behaves like a child and has severe anger problem. He has the worst customer services. If you ask a question about the project, he will threaten to drop the project, and will not pick up phone nor answer your text messages. What kind of normal individual do that; except a wicked soul. My house is in ruin as you can see from attachment.

Anybody reading this, I urge you to please save yourself the torment from using Morgan Company of Scurry Texas as a building contractor. When you see positive review on him, it is a lie. He paid people to write positive review with 5 start rating. He is a terrible non caring contractor that will not only messed up your but he will take your money and do nothing and you will be involved in lengthy litigation. HE IS A MANIPULATIVE MONSTER THAT WILL CONTINUE SUCKING MONEY OUT OF YOU, BULLY YOU AND STILL LEAVE YOUR HOUSE A MESS. OH and if all the rest of it wasn't enough, ALL HE HAS FOR INSURANCE IS LIMITED LIABILITY. I can't state this enough if you fail to heed my warnings you'll be sorry. DO NOT USE THIS BUILDING CONTRACTOR, MORGAN COMPANY OF SCURRY TEXAS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES

A complaint was filed against CJ Morgan, owner of Morgan Company with Dallas BBB (BBB complaint # 91377462 on 6/22/16 . Still waiting for resoltion from them Dallas BBB do not represent consumer, so be warned, and stay away from Morgan Company. BBB will remove the complaint after 1or 2 month and leave him with A+ rating. Since Morgan Company pays to be an accredited member, Dallas BBB are covering up his scamming behavior instead of leaving the complaints on BBB Website to warn potential consumers about his deceptive practices. The BBB in Dallas operates to protect businesses and NOT to protect the consumer. Doesn't the mafia have people pay them for protection? I imagined this guy (CJ Morgan) will a register under a different business and continue to rip people off from state to state.

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