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Monster Transmission & Performance

Country United States
State Florida
City Brooksville
Address 19370 Oliver St.
Phone (352) 678-5511

Monster Transmission & Performance Reviews

  • Feb 21, 2022

Stated they tested Product and did not and have full Proff and will take Polygraph and go on National TV 6000 dollar fraud and 3 months Lying to Consumer Have Other Large Companies to Be Subpoenaed

Was Told and Sold a Defective and Wrong 5000 dollar Piece of Equipment that they stated they tested and Then we had to have a Professional Mechanic install numerous Parts for Monster Transmission and called Other Part Companies that sent Parts for Monster Transmission and was told by Professional Con Artist trained to deflect your Complaints and Calls and Manager will not give you Owner Phone Number for this Fraud that has been performed on hundreds reflected on the BBB site Your Site and five other sites.

They are a Million Dollar Fraud Perp that needs Stopped NOW! I am Willing to step up and take a Polygraph and Go on National Television NOW and The Manager threatened my wife and Threated M but Plays tricks to bate and switch RECORDED CONVERSATIONS THAT ARE NOT EXPOSED TO THE PUBLIC. They also use a All Female Spanish Pre Trained Deversion and Routing Call Game. I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT

  • Apr 9, 2019

I purchased a transmission & torque converter from Monster Transmission in 8/2016 for my 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, Police Interceptor model. They (seemed) to have the best warranty for this model, 3yr, 100% replacement, no finger pointing, no questions. They were very enthusiastic & BACK it.

I had Lee County Transmission (They have been nothing but wonderful) pull & ship mine to monster & then install the replacement. I paid Monster $2443+$360 shipping. With all of their "custom" building & testing, ity was more than 6wks before Lee County received the replacment.

When the tranny failed in 12/2018, I spoke to Joy & was told that it was a "good thing" that I had the old WOWanty as it would totally be covered. All I had to do, was pay $360 to have the tranny shipped back to them & they would send a replacement. Lee County Transmission shipped it to monster the first week of 1/2019. Chris called my son & informed him that they had voided my warranty for:

1) water in the bottom of the case (which Chris blamed on Lee County) &

2) the WOWanty has a clause that you must provide them with written proof that every 24mos. or 24,000 miles, the transmission & torque converter must be serviced using the Monster Service Kit, available for $350.

At that point, I had no trust in Monster & went to the local Ford dealer & spent $2200 for a rebuilt tranny & $780 to Lee County Transmission for installation.

I'm an RN, retired on disability so funds are very tight. I'm not racing this car around although it was >24mos., it was <12,000 miles. Both my son & I have spoken to Joy, Marcus & Chris who apparently just shrug their shoulders & couldn't care less. I can't tell you how much it cost me while the car was down & I had to use buses, Uber & had friends help me to get shopping & to appointments.

Both my son & I have spoken to Joy, Marcus & Chris on many occasions & they apparently shrug their shoulders & couldn't care less about no questions, no finger pointing. Their WOWanty is completely meaningless & they're not honorable business people.

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