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MoneyGram International, Inc.

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 2828 N Harwood Street, 15th Floor
Phone 1-800-926-9400

MoneyGram International, Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 17, 2022

The money sent on line through money gram starts out as an 8 dollar charge. The money is being transfered in the same state less then 200 miles apart.

I went and checked at walmart who does the money gram transfers, it should be no more than an 8 dollar sevice fee.

  • Oct 7, 2020

I purchased a money transfer from money gram for $30. they send an invalid code. I sent another and again they sent an invalid code my recipient is unable to pick it up. Two trips 24 miles round trip and she couldnt get the money. So I called your help, got on chat and they said they sent the new codes to me but they never arrived and its been 2 hours. This family is starving. I don't know how you could justify this massive run around and rip off. 1500696 is my MG number. I have reported this to Yelp. I am informing my readers on (32.9 million readers, look it up).

Your website took me over an hour to finally sign it and the site is terrible. I'm considedring a report to the FBI for wire fraud. I want my money back and an apoligy to the family the money was meant for. Also money for a cab they had to get to the moneygram place.

  • Mar 1, 2018

Stolen Money!! $1,731.98 Describe the details of your Comment: Net Spend Prepaid Visa Master Card/ Money Gram. Have together stolen my $ 1,731.98 Dollars!! Will not Refund!! Stay away from them!!! Original Report: On February, 9 2018. Used money Gram on my net spend Account bill pay for two mortgage payments the Bank didn't accept payments net spend or money Gram will not refund the money!!! Stay away from both!!!!

  • Oct 24, 2017

Moneygram moneyorders are a huge company that feels it has the right to rip customers off!

I purchased a moneyorder locally to pay for my truck registration renewel and it was lost some were between the local post office(Glens Falls NY. 12801) and the D. M. V. in Saracuse ny ! I called to re port the lost after I had to go to D.M.V. here and pay again for my registration! I called company and explained that it had been losted and wanted to get my money back!

I was told there would be a prossessing charge of 26 dollars? W.T. F.? and was asked if I would like a form sent to me and I said yes! (NEVER got it?) so after a week I went online and found the form and printed it and filled it out and sent it!(along with a copy of the form I also filled out to the better business bereau!) it's been a couple weeks and still no refund of any kind!

When will something be done about these compainies that so blantly ripp off the customer that keeps them in business?

  • Jan 24, 2017

I bought a moneygram (order) from walmart in Hawaii. I mailed it to my daughter in New Mexico. The lady at Walmart told me she could take it to any Walmart and they will cash it for her. A week later she tried to cash it at 2 different Walmarts, they told her they can't cash it. She had a government issued driver's license for proof of ID and a government issued Dependant military ID card, still no go. She tried to cash it at several other places mentioned on their website, CVS Pharmacy, Albertson's and none of them would cash it. I live chatted with them about it and they said try Nationwide Finance in Las Cruces. So she took it there and they wouldn't cash it either.

So now I am going to have her mail it back to me so I can get a refund from the Walmart I bought it at.


  • Jan 16, 2017

I had experiance before with a fake check. If you deposit it, your back account will be closed, it will be investigation, and you be down for all the money. Never deposit money or receive a wire transfer form unknow people. Never lie. This is not a legitimate business. Those people shall be hold responsible for a fraud.

i receied a letter today form unknown sender with a fake check of $2985 and instructions to deposit it to my bank account, and then within 3 days to send money to unknown individuals using money gram locations.

They called me in a letter an independent contractor, a position I never applied for.

They wanted me to send $880, $890, $870 to unknown individuals.

The letter came form one person, and inside I needed to do reposring to three different emails and a phone number.

They requested me to lie about me not being a mystery shopper and that claim that I know unknown individuals.

First rule, never deposit a money from unknown individual.

If I would have deposited a fake check, my account be closed and on investigation and let say somebody has one account, they will bein a big troulbe to pay their bills. The timeline on the letter indicates that a person has a very limited time to find out if the check was bounced. - I could say that a check is fake, - yet many people would not have this skill and not all banks could suggest that this is counterfit.

This fraud must be stopped. I wrote to FBI unit that deals with that. Some websites sugest you to go to the police station. In my case, nothing happen to damage my money, so not many places to report, yet I think that this matter shall be investigated and people should be held responsible for lies.

  • Aug 3, 2016

I used money gram to send money to a federal inmate. I became aware of the company's failure to complete the processing of the wire transfer. When I reported then to the NCDOJ they lied and stated they interviewed because my account had be flagged after wiring the same individual for a year. Go figure. The money gram reprrsentative by the name of Javier refused to review my account. I called my bank, they reversed the charges. Money gram took down my online account so I no longer have access to the info in order to use their so called online resolution process. I never had a problem with my bank or Western Union. This is a shady business full of people who can't understand e flush and thry read off a script so they have no idea how to resolve an issue. Stay away my bank has debited the money out of my account again so I am starting the process over in order to find out where my money was sent.

  • May 16, 2016

Money Gram is going overboard they ask me for the first 3 digits of my Social which was fine I didnt have a problem with that, meantime they need to verify more personal infomation so the connected me to 3 different people to verify who I was that took about 45 mins just to attempt to send 150.00 to my aunt who was needing to pay a bill. So I answered all their questions like what county do I live in, were is my address lovated at & who is a Person in my family & how old is she, so I answered all the questions correctly he put me on hold for about 1 min, then came back on the phone said we can't process your payment online, your payment was declined and they could give a reason why, the only way I could send money was going to a location which for me is impossible because I work Offshore. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I Went to Western Union online they went threw the security verification. I didnt have any problems sending my money with them using my debit card. As far as USING MoneyGram People dont use them. If it wasn't for Western Union my aunt would have been without light being she could couldnt get the cash to pay her bill.

  • Mar 9, 2016

When you use Moneygram serices online, just like in person, they authorize your credit/debit card in the amount of the tramsaction. Twice now they have put a hold on my debit card for transaction that they did not send!!! Therefore holding onto mopney illegally and then returning it two weeks later leaving the consumer without thouse funds for those 2 weeks. Customer service reps on the phone could care less asnd would not even transfer me to a supervisor. If the technical issues is on their end, then they should honor the money transfer and send the money. But they refuse to, wanting you to start the tramsfer process again taking even more of your money!!!! This illegal business needs to be stopped. Western Union never takes money like that without giving you an immediate refund. Money-Gram needs to STOP ripping off customers!!

  • Oct 19, 2015

How incompetent a business this is. It feels like it is run out of some Nigerian's kitchen. They have no support staff, they take forever to send the money and they always have to ask for "additional information" when the sending party is Black. This is the most disgraceful company in finance. They should go out of business and I can't understand why Walmart would have an affiliation with them.

  • Aug 12, 2015

Today i got online at 3:20pm and placed a money order with money gram. you made a selection where they can get it with in 10 min of prosessing. i called around 5:30 6 pm to see what was going on. they told me it would be another 4 hours.

I told them i payed the $11.35 so he can get it in 10 min after i placed my order. so i called at 9:30 and they told me it would be another two hours. i talked to the manager i guess, and he did nothing for me. i think this is faulse advertising, and the way they treated me was not right.

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