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Molly Steiner

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Phone 312-722-0410

Molly Steiner Reviews

  • Dec 10, 2016

I wish I would have known about this website before hiring Molly (Gallagher) Steiner. I am an online coach and I found her through a search on LinkedIn. She had an amazing profile, great website, an large followings on facebook and twitter. I was impressed. I needed to hire a virtual assistant to help me with technology systems and lead gen. I set up a call with her and was even more impressed. So, I hired her.

The first few weeks were fine. I signed a contract with her, we had a kick off call, she set me up in basecamp making a schedule of projects, and even helped me get a booking system set up. I felt things were taking longer than I liked, but I also felt we were starting off well and that we'd hammer out those details as we went along.

But things got weird, and fast. Missed meetings, wouldn't hear from her for days, promises she was working on things then silence. Saying she sent me work she never sent. And then an offer for repayment because she had an 'embarrassing' family situation. I tried to be understanding and said - hey these things happen, I'm willing to still work together if you are. But silence again, for days.

I had this sinking feeling things had gone array, but I was still holding out for things to get back on track. I needed the help. I liked her. I wanted to work with her. I had no idea she was crazy.

But I soon found out!!!

Let's just say I've now had a string of insane emails from her, she has not paid me back the money she promised, she never delivered the work she promised, and now it's been several weeks, upwards to a month. And she has made it quite clear she has no intention of doing anything she said she would do.

I'm disheartened not only because I was scammed and my money was stolen... but more so because I thought I had found a good business partner who was really going to help me. I had all these big projects and plans I needed help on, and she really made me believe she could help me.

And now to see that people have been reporting about her for years on this site... I'm so mad at myself for not digging deeper to begin with.

She goes by Molly Steiner now. Who knows what she'll go by next.

Not only am I out the money (that I'm trying to work with PayPal on and a lawyer and collections agency)... but I'm now worried about my online security. I let this person in to my business and life. I trusted her. And now that I realize how crazy she is, I have no idea what she'll do.

DO NOT WORK WITH HER!!! Ever. In any way.

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