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Molloy Bros Moving & Storage

Country United States
State New York
City Old Bethpage
Address 195 Bethpage-Sweet Hollow Rd
Phone 516-396-8600

Molloy Bros Moving & Storage Reviews

  • Nov 28, 2015

I called mayflower for a quote to move from Long Island Ny to San Diego Ca beginning of November 2nd. A nice guy called me back scheduled a consultation. He came from Molloy Bros Moving & Storage to come give me a quote. Everything there went fine. He got me scheduled for November 12 to be picked up and delivered no later then 14 days which is what I was TOLD. The latest my contract says is November 27,2015. So I move to Ca and I don't hear back from my coordinator her name is Kim on the Old bethpage office. Weeks go by still no call no updates and this is when EVERYTHING went to crap. I called on November 22 left a message for Kim my updated address on where the furniture needs to be delivered as well as used the Updater portal to update such needed address. Still didn't hear back. I was expecting a call before today November 27,2015 on estimated time of arrival. Nothing, so I call this morning ask where is my furniture and belongings. The girl named Hailey goes on to tell me that my move isn't coming til December 2-4. At this point I am so frustrated. I can't believe they are breaking their contract and coming now 5 days later then they said WAS the latest date. I tell her this is unacceptable and that I paid extra $500 for time sensitive move was told latest latest on my contract is November 27. She doesn't care. Goes on to put me on hold then line disconnected.

I call back Hailey puts me on hold again and then transfers me to Steve he said he is the Sales Director and that he apologizes for not being contacted or updated by the company or Kim the coordinator who is paid to update me and communicate my move to me. Then goes on to tell me that I can get a delayed move credit which will give me $100 a day for each day that is late. I ask what date would that start. Steve said November 27, 2015 and on. So $100 for each day after November 27,2015. I told Steve I have over a million followers on Twitter, LinkedIn and many other apps. That I will be leaving my review of my experience. The most important thing was for me. Was to pick a reputable company. The reviews show Mayflower and Their contractor Molloy as being decent. This isn't decent. I have. Small baby and I trying to get this handled and scheduled just right. I flew someone with me from NY to be able to be here to help me unpack and move my furniture in and get it situated due to just having a baby. Now the truck is coming a week after my friend is scheduled to leave back to NY. I ask when will I be mailed a check Steve the sales director out of old bethpage NY says just days after you pay the moving guy in full when he arrives. Why should I pay in full when tent have already broken their contract already? Why am I being held accountable for their mistakes and lies? I then get a call from the actual driver Dan. Who goes on to tell me my stuff was just now picked up and put into his truck.

It's been 14 days already it's just now being picked up in NY and moved?? WHAAT!! Dan said yes the dispatchers moves some things around now my stuff is just now on its way. That he doesn't see my stuff being delivered til December 6th or 7th 2015. UNBELIEVABLE! So I am keeping my word as I told Steve that I will be making a review on how this experience went from bad to worse. No one at the office genuinely cares. I would prefer to be able to subtract the credit I will be getting with my on delayed arrival now versus be inconvenienced again and wait again for the Molloy bros moving and storage to correct there bad choices. I do not recommend this company to anyone, and will not use them again in the future. This is what they call reputable and not like the "other" guys. I can't tell?! Can you?

  • Jul 31, 2015


We moved several weeks ago to Florida from NJ. All in all, everything went well, but the company lost one box. The only box packed with anything of any value. This one box was lost and Molloy Bros has failed to do anything about it. We paid for insurance and they've denied the claim. They have no interest in standing up for their service and I would recommend using any other moving service. They have given us nothing but trouble trying to correct this issue and have forced us to consider other options. I have no real interest in legal action, but their attitude and abject refusal to take responsibility for the loss of our property is forcing me to consider it.

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