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Mojo Marketplace, Inc.

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Mojo Marketplace, Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 23, 2019

Complaint Type: Refund / Exchange Issues Problem: On 4/19/2019 I decided that I would give Wordpress a try. I purchased my domain and hosting from Bluehost, and a WP theme from I actually purchased my theme from this business because they had a refund policy that guaranteed their products to work.

Specifically stated here: "(Themes, plugins, logos) If you have purchased an item and you feel it is not functioning as advertised, please send us a support ticket and explain the issue in detail. Also, be sure to name the item you’re having issues with.

From there, we’ll have a review process to determine if the item is not delivered as promised. If we find the item is not working, functioning or is corrupt, it will wither be fixed, exchanged, or a refund will be given.

If the item has not been set up properly by following the help file, refunds will be subject to the MOJO staff’s discretion. Any purchase older than 90 days will not be refunded." I have created dozens of websites with multiple other website builders, and I have never had the headache that came with developing a WP website.

Therefore, today on 4/24/19 I've decided that WP wasn't for me and that I would continue to build on other platforms.

1) The theme purchase came with an array of paid plug-ins that didn't work or were too difficult to find. (I had to download free ones to make it work).

2) I believed that purchasing a theme with a visual builder that was "drag and drop" would actually be drag and drop... It's not.

3) The ONLY refund potential for a product purchase from MOJO was for digital goods.

I called Bluehost and was FULLY refunded for everything but a few small fees for privacy protection (no problem). This amounted to $151 and some change, I felt VERY happy. Next, I called MOJO marketplace to request my refund there.

Unfortunately, I was told by a representative that what I purchased is a digital good and that I would not receive a refund for my theme purchase. After explaining that my confidence in even making the purchase in the first place was because of the refund policy, and that I wouldn't even have a Wordpress site to use the theme on, I was told by the support representative "I will guarantee that you will not get a refund".

After reiterating what was just said to me, the representative confirmed that he would go out of his way to ensure that I would never get a refund for my purchase!? What? To make things worse I was told that I would be forwarded to a manager, and after a few seconds of silence the call was ended. I called again, twice, and I ended up with the same representative... This company does not care for their customers.

Thinking that maybe I was just a bit too blunt in my conversation, I had my girlfriend call in place of myself because she is exponentially sweeter than I. Despite getting the same result, and the representative knowing that she was calling for me, she was actually forwarded to the "manager" who confirmed that we would not get our refund.

His explanation was that the theme purchase is separate from the plug-ins that came with it (PAID PLUG-INS), and that even if the plug-ins are broken the theme I purchased isn't. Furthermore, the "manager" stated that the refund policy leaves it at their discretion and that their discretion is ALWAYS no refund will be given!

Why mislead consumers if your "discretion" is to always refuse a refund for a purchase that meets your policy criteria, and I can prove that I will no longer even have a WP account?! Lies upon Lies, I wish that I read the prior complaints before ever giving this business my money. I hope they are forced to do something about it because the animosity that I received from a customer service rep. as a paying customer was alarming.

Desired Resolution / Outcome Desired Resolution: Refund Desired Outcome: I would greatly appreciate to be refunded my full $59.99 theme purchase. I would greatly appreciate to receive a formal apology from both the Employee whom raised his voice and made it clear that he had no interest in helping me and would "guarantee" that I would "never" receive a refund, and the Manager who failed to de-escalate the situation and make amends.

I would greatly appreciate for this business to make it clear that they do NOT process refund for ANY purchase from their marketplace. I would greatly appreciate the BBB to act upon this information. Message to BBB Please act upon these complaints.

Complaint Background Not all of these questions are required. Please provide as much information as you have. 1. Product/Service Purchased: Spark Theme Purchase 2. Model Number: Spark Theme 5. Purchase Date: 4/19/2019 6. Date Problem First Occurred: 4/19/2019

Dates you complained to the company/organization

7. First Date: 4/24/2019 10. Payment Made: In Full 11. Payment Method: Credit Card

Name of Sales Person

13. First Name: PayPal 15. Last Name: 17. Purchase Price: $59.00 18. Disputed Amount: $59.00

  • Apr 15, 2018

I unfortunately bought a subscription with Mojo Marketplace for WP Live based on the statements that they have support 24/7, and that they will have phone support extended hours and on the weekends. The sales guy I talked to kept saying that they will have that support in a very shortly time, one-two months at a time.

Well that was a complete lie since when I called and asked, they told me they do not have a date anytime soon, so I asked to cancel the subscription, to which I was told very rudely that if I wanted to buy out that subscription, I will have to pay the remaining time in the subscription, even though they are not complying with what was stated.

Also, the people they answer the phone, most of the times, they do not know more that you do. They do exactly what you are doing when trying to solve problems in your site, when you are working on it, and obviously they are not there because it is after 5 PM (mountain time.

Beware also that their installations, will cause issues and make your sites crashed, since they are not done correctly.

So, in short, save a headache and your money, avoid like a plague this company.

  • Mar 28, 2018

I'm just an average gal who needed a bit of help setting up my website/blog for a small business. I saw their ad through my hosting company's site and assumed they were reputible because my hosting company always has been great. I purchased a "package" for $399 for support, to get my website set up, a theme plugged in, etc. After a few days and still having no contact, I reached out to them and a guy named Ryan emailed me to say they were working on getting it up and running, etc. He said they needed more info. from me, which I gave to him. In a series of emails over the next couple of weeks nothing was happening, so I asked for a refund. I was issued a refund for $99 that I had spent on one click install offer, however I wasn't offered a refund on the $399 I spent for the full package I thought I had ordered. Pretty soon Ryan passed me off to a guy named Aaron (nice guy). He emailed me that I should buy a different package that would be better for me and save me a few bucks. I explained to him I'd already bought a package and he informed me that I'd purchased single "ala carte" items for $399, not a complete website support package. I was understandably confused. He suggested we talk on the phone to clarify, so we played phone tag for another week or so. There are long hold times when you call MoJo. We finally connected on the phone and he explained all of the services I would receive if I paid for the full complete package & he said he would refund the $399 I paid previously, and then recharge $396 for a better and cheaper package. I agreed to that. I gave him my credit card info. and he said my site would be up and running in about 24 hours. He passed me off to another guy (Zack) who gave me more info. on the package I was now getting. He said he would process the refund and recharge.

Here's the deal: It took over a month to get this whole thing squared away, and even after this last conversation the website I was promised wasn't delivered the way it was explained to me that it would be. It was a very slow and disorganized process where I couldn't even get the theme logo and name changed to my own. I tried to get support through the click live help and sat on hold for a long time while the tech tried to figure out what was going on. We were disconnected and then I had to explain my issue to another tech who asked me for information I didn't have to give to him. Argh! It was frustrating. I didn't pay several hundred dollars to be consistently confused and unable to navigate my wordpress site, and I certainly didn't have time to repeatedly contact support and wait on hold for answers to each question. I just decided this was not what I'd thought it would be and I asked for a refund. I'd also been automatically signed up for "monthly support" at a cost of $149 and told them to cancel that as well. I received an email back from Ryan saying I was not getting a refund, but they'd be happy to give me support on any questions I had or change my theme. By this time my credit card company had contacted me to let me know that MOJO had just charged another $400 on my credit card!

I have contacted Ryan at Mojo to let him know that they have committed credit fraud and did not have permission to take more money from my credit card. I have also contacted the proper authorities for help in resolving this. Mojo charged me over $700 worth of nothing.

  • Nov 29, 2017

I purshased a WordPress Website Theme from MOJO Marketplace based on their Demonstrated Advertising. After the purchase and payment they replied to me with the following quote "When we do the install of your theme, your WordPress site will not look anything like the theme you purchased".

Handy information which was not provided before the purchase. Infact all they provided was a blank website with hardly any design or theme. If I wanted a blank canvas I would not pay them for a theme. The catch is they want to charge you on an ongoing basis to build the theme up as they had advertised it initially. I have communicated to them several times and they are ignoring my requests for a refund. They have moved my login access and I do not have access to the Theme that I have purchased from them.

Avoid this company as they use Bait Advertising to get your money. Their feedback forum for leaving reviews of purchases are fake. They do not supply the Theme or service you pay for and they ignore your requests for a refund.

I would advise anyone who has used their credit card for an unsatisfactory purchase, to ask for a ChargeBack from their bank as this is the only way to get your money back.

  • Jul 12, 2017

I signed up for a service to get help to work on a website. Before I gave my payment information I was told that the monthly cost of the service, which is higher than their other services, will cover unlimited phone calls during business hours, each lasting 25mins. Yes, i could call anytime during business hours, but the wait is about 20-30 mintues. Once I get someone on the phone, explain what I need help with, and them trying to navigate through a theme/website the time is almost up. In that time not much can be accomplished. I call back, wait another 20-30 mins, get a different person on the phone to whom I need to explain what's going on and what I would like, again. Some staff know what they are doing and other don't at all! The most inefficient way of assiting and being "available" for a higher cost.

Then i'm told that what I would like to do requires customization and it cannot be done with their service. Okay, np. I call customer service, in less than 24 hours after I signed up to cancel the service which I'm very disappointed and frustrated about, and get a refund. I'm told that I cannot get a refund.

Fine. What bothers me the most is the attitude the person on the customer service end had: No refund, I can cancel service now, anything else you need? I cannot believe it. The cost covered service for one month. I used it (but without the result I wanted) for less than 24 hours and completely dissatisfied. The audaticity these people have to become rude after they recieve your credit card information. No worries, my credit card will take care of me, and no pennies for AWFUL MOJO MARKETPLACE. No more business with them.

  • May 17, 2017

I'm an avid internet user, yet, a novice internet site builder. on May 1, 2017 I was on WordPress Dashboard looking at Website Themes, therefore, I thougth I was doing business with WordPress, NOT MOJOMarketplace!

The theme choice said it would be VERY EASY to use, drop pictures etc...When in the Shopping Cart, it never indicated the product I was buying was NON-REFUNDABLE!!! Of course, since I'm NOT an expert web designer and don't really know what I'm doing, IT WAS NOT EASY!!!

I do not know what I purchased, didn't get product as described, could not figure out how to use it, I couldn't figure out how to get back to it, was beyond my technical ability. Fraudulent representation of the product/service!

Today, May 16, 2017, I called to ask for a refund, two rude young guys, Scott in Support and Zack - Sales Manager, both told me that they could't refund me and that in the Shopping Cart I agreed to the "Terms & Conditions" which include the Non-refundable policy. Granted it was 1AM, however, I would have noticed if the "shopping Cart" said my purchase was non-refundable! IT DID NOT! It has been two weeks since my purchase, they will not refund the $59.00 fee, and I have no idea, what I purchased, of how to use it. Of course, their solution is for me to pay more money and purchase a package so they can then help me to use the product I bought!!!

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! THEY HAVE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND DON'T CARE IF YOU ARE A HAPPY CUSTOMER OR NOT!!! In addition, the product description is VERY DECEPTIVE!!! It is only wasy to use if you're a professional web designer or if you pay a few more hunderd dollars to include their support, which by reading "Ripp-Off Reports" from other customers, the extra money spent, does NOT guarantee you will be happy with what you purchased! I recommend if, like me, need a very easy web desing site and are NOT a Web Design Expert!

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