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Modern Business TV

Country United States
State Florida
City Coral Springs
Address 6250 Coral Ridge Drive Suite 250
Phone 954-282-6644

Modern Business TV Reviews

  • May 29, 2018

We got an email below claiming to be searching for Businesses to add to their TV show which airs on Fox and ABC. Turns out they want $20,000 to produce the 5 minute YouTube clip that no one sees and it never airs on any actual national TV channel as they claim. This company has changed names dozens of times but its always the same scam.

Scam Email:


I’m the Personal Assistant to Gary Williams, Associate Producer for “Modern Business”. It’s a national television show hosted by Mike Ditka that educates viewers about a variety of business and industry topics.

As part of our production schedule, we’re developing a segment on “XXXXXXXXXXXXXX”. We have an interest in arranging a brief call with the CEO/Owner to learn more about how XXXXXXXXXX might relate to the topic and show.

We’re working under scheduling timelines, so I would need to coordinate some time for you and the Producer to speak within the next few days. You can reply by email or phone with some available times.

Our show’s website is


Mariah Kelly

Production Assistant

Modern Business

954-282-6644 Ext 1093

  • Dec 13, 2018

From CEO & Executive Producer of Modern Business TV

My name is Douglas Scott, and I serve as the CEO and Executive Producer for Modern Business TV. I am proud to own and operate a two-decade old, award winning, independent production company that has produced educational programming and story segments from around the world. We continually seek relevant content for our program and there is a scheduling fee involved with the production. We absolutely air our half-hour programs both nationally and regionally on cable news networks and have affidavits from the networks to substantiate that fact. More importantly, we have testimonials and references from actual featured guests on our program, some of which have personally visited our studio.

I believe the scam is the ability for those, especially business competitors, to post falsehoods anonymously without the ability for legal recourse. We will continue to produce high-quality programming and we welcome any potential featured guest to visit our studio and meet our team.


Douglas Scott

CEO & Executive Producer

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