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MMJ Delivery Dispensary

Country United States
State California
City Bakersfield
Phone 1 (661) 402-1406

MMJ Delivery Dispensary Reviews

  • Nov 21, 2021

We look forward to deliver this your first order on time which will build trust and make you our permanent customer after you've receive your products. Thumbs up Nov 11, 2021, 12:11 PM

If you don't see where to put the code, place your order and your discount will be given respectively before you effect payment. Thu 11:29 AM Our Zelle email is ready for payment once you're ready. Thu 11:31 AM

Ok total including shipping to your delivery address is $175. And you've been added two extra grams as a gift to first time buyer. Thu 11:51 AM

Here's our Zelle details... Phone : 2025346246 Name : Zach Haynes Send screenshot of receipt to be use in confirming your payment when you send.

We're Packaging as of now, will let you know when all Packages are ready to leave. Thu 3:45 PM TY

Thu 9:06 PM

Hello good morning! Yesterday, 7:14 AM

All San Bernardino CA Packages are ready to leave now. We sent you a message via email please check and let me know if you receive our message. Yesterday, 7:16 AM

Are you ready to send insurance fee, your package will be delivered along with your insurance refunds. Yesterday, 10:10 AM

Yes I need $200 for insurance and it's refundable upon delivery. Yesterday, 10:19 AM

2nd: Ok total including shipping to your delivery address is $175. And you've been added two extra grams as a gift to first time buyer. Yes this is insurance to secure your package from any damages or lost upon transportation and is refundable upon delivery. Yesterday, 10:23 AM

I don't want you holding my $200 for 12 months, I expect $200 refund within a reasonable time, say 3-5 days, maybe 10 days would be satisfactory. Yesterday, 10:24 AM

Yes you misunderstood us your $200 will be refunded back to you as we deliver... Are you ready to send now?? Yesterday, 10:26 AM

Yes Yesterday, 10:28 AM

Ok please hold on let me send you Zelle details which you're required to send to. Yesterday, 10:31 AM

Oops too late already sent with notation of order # & insurance Yesterday, 10:35 AM 832723215

Name : D Charles Yesterday, 10:35 AM

You're required to send to the above Zelle details... Yesterday, 10:35 AM

Then send $$ back or refuse payment we're not sitting with $200 in groups over here Yesterday, 10:36 AM

Ok let's verify and confirm that please will get back to you. Yesterday, 11/19/2021 10:43 AM

You don't have anything to worry about will let you know once payment is confirmed. And it's refundable upon delivery of Package. Yesterday, 10:49 AM

Hello Rhozalyn Gordon, Following updates from our delivery team, packages just arrived in San Bernardino and we just verified all clients are inform to aquire the FDA approved stamp on their insured packages which cost $250 before we can proceed and deliver Safely to the owners. All you need to do is to send payment for your FDA approved stamp( Food and Drug Administration) stamp so that we can proceed and deliver without wasting much time here. 1:48 PM

Our delivery team have also contact you with the updates message... 1:49 PM

You're not required to send to the first Zelle address let me know when you're ready to send so that I will send you the details you'll have to use now. 2:05 PM

WTH are you talking about. $175 was sent by Zelle to Phone : 2025346246 Name : Zach Haynes Then $200 sent to same, if you need more $$ cancel this order and refund all money 3:07 PM

I'm ready to contact BBB & my bank if this is the situation 3:08 PM

That's a total of $375 to be clear 3:09 PM

As soon as we finish delivering stamped packages delivery team will be returning back tomorrow after delivering the last set of products because we don't deliver Packages on Sundays. Let me know what you decide unstamped Packages will be confiscated by the DEA and will give us no choice but to leave them there. 7:19 AM

Your package will be delivered along with all the necessary document you may need and you will not go through so much Hassle on your next order. We're sorry for all the inconveniences but you have to see reasons with us to trust the process and received your products, Packages are already in San Bernardino CA. 7:24 AM

There is no reason to start delivery of my package since I have canceled my order. There will be nothing for the DEA to confiscate a order that has been cancelled on 11/20/21 since I notified you Saturday & you don't deliver on Sunday there's is plenty of time for the cancelled order to not be among packages to be delivered Monday! What is truly amazing to be is that we're both in CA. 8:07 AM

We can't cancel an order that is insured and already at your location ready for delivery. 8:12 AM

You're in CA, I'm in CA so I don't see this DEA problem you're talking about since you're a CA MMJ dispensary. The package may be insured & maybe @ location ready for delivery, but I suggest that it's is returned to you from "the location" instead of being among deliveries to be done on Monday. That'll take care of the cancellation, the insurance & the delivery. The client has so requested. 8:25 AM

The above message has been sent to your email 8:28 AM

Text message sent to your delivery team: As I've explained that since there is no money to pay $250 we have cancelled the order 5 8 6 7. We suggest you do not include our delivery tomorrow from your location you return that package back 8:33 AM Seen

Now do you see the importance of when a client/customer asks for total charges that you should be honest & upfront. 1. Delivery of your order is $175, you'll need to insure it for $200 & finally you'll need to pay $250 for a FDA stamp. Then the client/customer can not even place the order, wasting their time & money, not including your time & ending up where I am now. 8:42 AM

And like I said earlier you should be talking with the delivery team now since they're the ones with your package now... 8:47 AM

Last texts between your team & I: Packages are here with us in San Bernardino already..All that is needed is for you to get the stamp on your package and we'll proceed and deliver at once... my reply: That being the case do not proceed return that package because the order is canceled and I expect all my money back 8:52 AM

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