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Mister Sparky Electric

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 4640 E McDowell Rd
Phone 602-904-6842

Mister Sparky Electric Reviews

  • Sep 23, 2017

WARNING - FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, DO NOT CALL THESE SCAM ARTISTS TO FIX ANYTHING IN YOUR HOME. They charged a $59 service call fee go to evaluate a faulty circuit. They got there and then told me to pay another $390 to evaluate the circuit. So what was the $59 initial fee for? If I knew it was going to cost $390 for them to look at the circuit, I would have called someone else. To make matters worse all the technician needed to do is touch a non-contact voltage tester to the breaker switches to find out if a breaker switch needed to be replaced. But that lazy jerk wouldn't even do that. Wait, what did I just pay $59 for again? And the insult to injury was that I asked him to put the $390 quote in writing. But since it was so outrageous, he wouldn't even do that! So what did I pay the $59 for again? Wow. What a SCAM! Other people are calling them **MISTER SPARKY MALARKEY** Agreed! I will be using their license number in my complaint to the State of Arizona. If you are looking for it, here it is for your convenience License Number: 256036

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