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Country United States
State California
City South San Francisco

MiniX Reviews

  • Jan 29, 2016

I had ordered Minix Neo U1 read all about it on they're website and other places claming to a wonderfull system.

I paid $160.00 to get it to my house to find out it's nothing like advertised it's a android computer can't put in my time zone, My sound bar remote turns it on and the unit can't auto ajust the video like 1080P to 720P with out going in to settings and manually doing it. So if your watching YouTube videos that are only 3 minutes long you have to close YouTube goto setting change the dot pitch then log back in to Youtube. you could be doing this almost every video. I went to regester the unit and clicked support but it just sends you back to the register page "no tech support" Unless you goto the Minix Forum and there you'll find a cult of customers (if they feel like talking to you) may or may not help but thats the support you get from Minix. Your not told that before you buy the product.

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