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Country United States
State West Virginia
Phone 304-914-5444
Website Reviews

  • Nov 15, 2017

Rip Off

Placed Order on his site, he got the money but I never got the produce that I ordered. He will not respond to either fb messenger or emails. Not happy at all and hes about to get a phone call, if that number for booking is even a legit number.

  • Jan 30, 2017

I was watching a live video of jason mallas on facebook about helping the flood victims in west Virginia he was selling autographed flags and the proceeds were going to the flood victims so i ordered one it has been about 8 months now and i still have not recieved it i have tried messaging him and have even called a number on the site that he says to call to book gigs and have had no luck do not trust ordering from this as i think its a scam. I am upset as i am abig fan of his music but you do not treat fans like this

  • Dec 6, 2016

My stepson and I ordered items from "Mini Thin", while he was doing a Live video feed on FB. I've been asking him when I see him online, if it's shipped. All I have gotten is attitude from him. I made final contact today to ask one last file before I file a complaint with PayPal. He got an attitude and blocked me. So now I filed a dispute with PayPal and wanted to let everyone possible, that he sells all his stuff and then doesn't send some of it. Obviously some people get their stuff, but not everyone. Just look through this site. I'm. Not the only complaint on here.

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