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Milwaukee County Small Claims

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Milwaukee
Address 901 N 9th St #400
Phone 1 414-278-5100

Milwaukee County Small Claims Reviews

  • Jun 26, 2018

This is a primer for anyone thinking of filing a claim in Milwaukee County small claim court. First thing to beware. Most if not all the employees' are affirmative action babies or idiot kids. They don't wear ID badges so you won't know who your dealing with. They don't want to get caught. Prepare your self for a long wait. That's by design to wear you down.

The clerks will delay your case endlessly to accommodate lawyers. If your suing someone who has a lawyer, good luck. Most of the lawyers, judges and court commissioners know each other. They most likely went to the same school and socialize on the outside. The odds of a court commissioner or judge ruling against someone they see every day is slim to none.

The court staff is very deceptive and deceitful. They will lie to you. You won't get justice just a court commissioner or judges opinion of you. The buffoon in charge of this kangaroo court is Judge White. How she ever got to this level of responsibility is a mystery. Mayor Barretts brother is the clerk of court. He's as useless as White.

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