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Militac Flashlights

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Greenville
Address 122 Smith Hines Rd
Phone 844-619-6686

Militac Flashlights Reviews

  • Dec 26, 2016

I ordered lights and as soon as I found out details I attempted to cancel the order and was told that could not be done this happened in less than 5 minutes. Also was told not to accept and return to sender which I did have info from USPS that package was delivered and left with individual. Have had no further contact and have not received any refund as was told would be done. Thanks for any assistance. Total amount $145.00.

  • Dec 7, 2016

Militac Flashlights

On September 10, 2016, I had ordered five Militac M7 flashlights for $145 and a kit for $24.95, over the internet. On September 11, 2016, $169.95 was taken from my account. After waiting a week, I hadn't received the flashlights or kit. I called customer service inquiring why I hadn't received my order. ??The individual I talked with told me they were on back order and they would be sent as soon as possible. After waiting another week, I still was given the same answer. After the third week I was told that the back order was in. After waiting another week I still had not received my order. I called again and explained to the supervisor that I was going to the Better Business Bureau if my flashlights and kit were not in the mail soon.

I received my flashlights somewhere around October 13, 2016, but the kit was not with the order or an invoice telling me what was shipped. To this day I'm still waiting to receive my kit which was $24.95. I've tried calling several times but the number has been disconnected or changed.


Roldo Robinson

  • Oct 6, 2016

Similar to a previous report from Jenny regarding Militac Flashlights. My purchase was 2 Army flashlights @ $48.50 each. Including freight and International Exchange Rate [Perth, Australia] I am out-of-pocket AUD$125. The funds were withdrawn from my bank account the same day I ordered the Torches [08 Sept.2016]

An Invoice arrived the same day, however some [important] information was omitted IE: No tracking number, nor approximate delivery time. One month later no torches have been received.

This part really did my head in - At the bottom of the Invoice is a Phone Number [844] 619 6686 which of course is disconnected.However finding another number on militac for Australian consumers + 61 [1800] 014 544 - furthermore a number for UK consumers is also listed as +44 [800] 949 6912.

Ringing both numbers gets answered by the same Call Centre in the USA, which evidently do not take messages, cannot give out a valid physical address, nor a valid email address, nor a valid phone number, plus lack of other pertinent information.

The address on my invoice is stated as 19 Oil Mill Rd, Greenville, South Carolina, 29611.

Somewhere in the process I was redirected to which was a mystery to me. After that I conducted a virus check which revealed 3 Trojans - from guess who? - - -

  • Sep 5, 2016

I purchased three army torches $29.99 each free shipping.I did not receive and invoice so i checked with my bank to check transaction and what had been charged. A $192.47 was taken from my account.I emailed seller but had email returned as it was not genuine

I have sent several emails to anoter email site but it is most likely they will get not answer ot else thst are fake.

The professional site used to sell the torches i feel is a real site but has been alterd to be used in this scam.

As it is a weekend here and banks are not open until tomorrow.I will check with them then,i have closed my card so that iit cannot be used..

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