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Mike Glaspie

Country United States
State Alabama

Mike Glaspie Reviews

  • Jul 21, 2021

I was approached to invest in a super lucrative deal by someone in this scam. I personally know 5 people who have LOST a total of $50,000 to this moron.

The basic idea is there is a secret company...and if you give Mike G'll get an outrageous amount back. You can't know the company name behind the investment though....It's "secret" due to an NDA Mike G and his scam buddies signed.

That’s weird and stupid and I’ve never heard of something like that.

Let's break this down further:

-I was told Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos were involved in running the company. Since those guys are both trying to go to Mars, I doubt they’re involved in a crypto deal that runs updates on a website with a 90’s aesthetic and stock photos of convertibles:

-I was told a $500 investment would make $12 million dollars. Those are not typos: the price of a used laptop would make $12 million dollars. I believe this is false because those proportions are literally incredible, as in not credible. They make Bernie Madoff look like Honest Abe, especially since they won't even tell us the name of the company. Also, at a social level, why would Mike Glaspie want to give me, a total stranger, this sort of opportunity? With these proportions, if he gave this investment opportunity to a few dozen people, the payouts would exceed the amount of money in the entire world. It is more likely that he is trying to use people’s greed to swindle them.

-Mike Glaspie has a Cease & Desist order from Michigan, and hasn’t taken the most basic and fundamental steps to provide legitimacy to his business. I spoke to the investigator from Michigan, Eric, and he was familiar with Mike’s MO and fraudulent history. At the minimum, if I’m going to give someone money, I appreciate if they don’t have investigators in other states who are intimately familiar with the details of fraudulent investments that have never made money for anyone. I don’t feel that’s asking too much.

-He keeps giving my family deadlines: “Prepare for your payout at the end of this week! Can you taste the smell of the sea on your new yacht?” And then, wow, so unfortunate: the payouts can’t happen because of something trivial. Here is an example from his update on June 9, 2021: “Yesterday because of a couple of emails I felt were totally inappropriate, I ask Garry to ask the seller late yesterday, to write a brief letter from him personally which is below.

We are all very sorry for for our closing delay. This is a small delay and is expected to be resolved at tomorrow's board meeting.

Why the delay? One of the big members feels his ego has been bruised. We have had this in the past! YOU CAN BE INVITED IN, and if you make waves the Board can replace you by VOTING YOU OUT! That said, it is unlikely he will want out and he'll decide tonight at the Board meeting.”

The point of this poorly written passage is that the payouts have been delayed, and it’s because of some idiot on the “board”…feeling bad. Literally, a bruised ego is holding up billions of dollars. Ridiculous.

In the same update: “Tonight the Board will find out if the current 5th buyer wants to swallow his pride over his hurt feelings because he could not wrestle from the board the top spot, the Chairman of the buyer's group, which had already been awarded to Mr. Jeff Bezos.”

Bezos literally just got off a rocket ship. He is actually deboarding it, in the news, and this guy is claiming Bezos is doing this crypto deal. I’d feel better if Santa Claus was running things, just from an availability perspective, but I digress.


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