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Midstate Containers

Country United States
State California
City Santa Maria
Address 2243 S Depot St #102
Phone (805) 925-4422

Midstate Containers Reviews

  • Sep 14, 2023

This office container rental company in Santa Maria strongarms their customers, and has a shocking bad business policy. BUYER BEWARE! They refuse to pick up their shipping container / office container from my home, even though they required and received prepayment for pickup! Really?! It's apparently an effective collection tactic they like to use, and it makes people pay up very quickly I'd imagine. OF COURSE it's in the fine print of their terms, which no one reads. Bad customer service, even for an industrial or construction type company. The office container rent has stopped accumulating at least, which is good, but can you imagine the liability of having a shipping container next to your home where it's not wanted? I owe less than $400 for a month's rent of the office container, which will be paid I assured the manager? Vanessa. But until I pay that I'm stuck with their container at my house. They refuse to take it back. Vanessa at Midstate Containers explained the bad business policy clearly, and then mentioned an "attorney". Classy. It's a $400 debt they're afraid of not being paid? Times must be hard, and their customers must stiff them for money. So if you're a consumer, buyer beware. They take it out on you. Container was great. Service was great up until I wanted to end service. Now this lingering liability makes the whole experience a 1 star. I will update this review when resolution happens.

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