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Microsoft Corporation

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State Washington
City Redmond
Address One Microsoft Way
Phone 425-882-8080

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  • Jan 13, 2019

On April 16, I order and paid online for Office 365, but it was the wrong product (4421638454 trancation number)

On April 17, called customer service and had them cancel that order and purchase the correct Office 365. This was done and my credit card was charged. The transaction was complete. (568016522200889694 transaction number). However, the charge did not go through on my card until April 22, 2018 for $106.24.

On May 10, 2018, my credit card company called and told me there was suspicious activity on my card and asked me to verify 2 purchases. I had not made the purchases so the Bank said they would open a fraud investigation.

When I looked at my online account with Microsoft, it showed that I had purchased 2 X-Box subscriptions with the same credit card I had used for my purchases in April. They tried to convince me that I must have made the purchases or someone in my house who used X-Box or I just couldn't remember. They insisted that there was no way they could have anyone from Microsoft do this.

I live alone. I'm 71 years old and not senile. I have all my wits about me and do not have any game apparatus. No one has access to my credit cards or information.

The bank (Bank of America) opened the investigate, but my account with Microsoft showed that someone had redeemed the X-Box gift cards and the bank saw nothing fraudently.

I called the again and a representative said I needed the bank to open another investigation under MICROSOFT CASE NUMBER 1437060959 and that would allow them to investigate internally through their Accounts/Billing department. My bank did this, but the next representative from Microsoft that I talked to said he and his team mates decided (without any investigation) that there was no need to investigate. The $160 taken from my credit card to pay for 2 X-Box gift cards was not fraudently. He refused to give me his phone number and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, he hung up. My bank representative was also on the line and they called back and asked to speak to a supervisor and we were put on hold for more than 45 minutes. The bank representative had to leave and we were never able to speak to a supervisor or other representative with Microsoft.

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  • Jun 14, 2022

Reoccuring billing.

2021 purchased microsoft office 365 realized i didnt need to re purchase so i cancelled.

Paypal system has a reoccuring billing and i have two times charged $69.99.

I do not have microsoft 365 yearly subscription.

Microsoft does not have permission to take money using third party paypal to debit my checking account.

Consumers beware.

  • Nov 25, 2021

Microsoft has been misusing my credit card illegally for some free website name azure and stealing my money from welsfargo and they have been misusing my credit card since last august and without my permission, Please ask them to give me credit for illegal activity

  • Oct 3, 2021

Last year I bought a Surface Book 3 from Best Buy. 3 days after purchasing this computer it would not power on. It would display the windows symbol for a few seconds then refuse to boot up. I took it back to Best Buy and they exchanged it for another laptop without giving me any trouble, but the laptop they exchanged me for was a refurbed unit.

One year later just a few days after the warranty ran out the second laptop did the exact same thing as the first one. I called Microsoft and got a call center in India. They say that if I pay them $300 they will send me another refurb unit with a 90-day warranty on it. I took it to a local repair shop. They told me that this is a common problem with these units and that they are unrepairable.

You cannot even recover your data if you failed to back it up because the hard drive is part of the motherboard. Before you waste two thousand dollars on one of these fancy paperweights think again. Microsoft laptops are garbage and their customer service is horrible. Buyer beware.

  • Dec 20, 2020

I gave them my hard earned money 249.00 for office and i cant use it.

16 weeks without office and i cant call because the phones are trand to say go to online support. That why we have a presedent that cant speek the world is in the same boat no telephone support and they own there own street GARBAGE BILLIONAIR thats what they should be called.

95 phone calles and all diffrent secwences they have it so 365 are the only ones that get support and 365 is way overpriced thats what you get from online theives. MINIPULATED hiding behind a computer with a desk the United States in the last 20 years went to hell the people dont know rite from wrong and they act like they are the boss they arent this is the type of people that should not own a business because the world is not like that.

Microsoft 365 they turned into a joke no telephone support also a computer does crash and the way they have it you cant reactivate they are a Business the last time i looked real businesss have phone numbers and use them.

Did you see the prices of office 365 and thier are people that stand for this noncence. Cant contact support. What is going on in the online comunity i have a hosting company and these owners of the hosting watch what you are doing threaten you with terms of service and its our business.

The people in this USA changed a not for the better for the worst. Twenty years ago they were saying we are becoming a third world country its hear the people turned into no communication and they deffinetly dont know write from wrong. Here we have a multimillion dollar company and they are getting big money for their products and you can get support on the phone what are they a joke yes they are to much money and very porly ran company.

They cater to development realy Developers should not do anything for them tell them to get a phone working know why there are no phones because the people that use them are hidden behind a computer in there business or there home and they lack real time comunication skills thats what they are being taught in school these days OMG.

Or are stupid and need rehibilitation in communicating with the reak world. All you see are people doing videos to brag to there friends look at me.

Im going to review every company that is online trash and i dont care if they go bankrupt with will not happen because people dot stick together no more its a god forsaken joke.

  • Jul 15, 2020

I put in a formal complaint with my card services and Microsoft Xboa back on May 2, 2020. They allowed someone to hack two of my banking accounts which over $4k was taken from me. I was able to recover all of my funds from one account however the second account I was only able to get part of my money back because Xbox was saying it was valid.

This company has horrible customer service and is a FRAUD! And I want my $899.50 back ASAP! If anyone is interested in a lawsuit please contact me!

  • Jun 30, 2020

On 6/21/20, a duplicate charge of $19.99 was deducted from my bank account attached to my PayPal account from Microsoft Corporation.

on 6/22/20 I filed a Paypal clai On 6/30/20, I received an email from PayPal indicating that they closed the case in favor of the seller (Microsoft).

This incident stems from an attempted purchase made on Microsoft's website for virtual goods on 6/21. I attempted to buy the product but the website was having issues and caused a duplicate charge on my account. When I entered my password for purchase, I received no confirmation and the screen reset. I tried again and it was still not working. I decided I would try again later when the server wasn’t having any issues.

Shortly after, I received an email indicating that TWO purchases were made:

I attempted to resolve the issue directly with Microsoft Support but they would not reverse the charge. I contacted PayPal to utilize the buyer protection, but was shocked when they refused to reverse the charge.

I find it difficult to believe that Microsoft would operate on such an unethical level. This charge was clearly caused by a malfunction and I had no intention on duplicating a charge that was done within seconds of each other.

At this point, I have filed a complaint against Microsoft via the BBB and the Washington State Attorney General’s Office.

I have also filed a complaint against PayPal via the California and Nebraska BBB – The Nebraska State Attorney General’s Office – and the California Department of Business Oversight.

I will continue to file formal complaints and publicized reviews against Microsoft until my money is returned. Stunned that Microsoft could operate on such an immoral level over a petty amount of money when they are clearly in the wrong.

Its time to stop letting these large corporations take advantage of consumers.

  • May 11, 2020

Thousands of people are having this problem and there is no help to fix this except for complexed nerd explanations that help no one. Thousands of people have had and are having this problem for nearly a decade and no one is addressing it at Microsoft. It seems as when a person signs in to their computers an account asks for the password. Why (They want to hold you, hostage) With the thousands of people like myself who have tried everything these useless nerds advice and dont work we are left stranded with no help at all.

When you sign in and attempt to download something to your computer the account approval screen comes up and it asks for a password. Only the yes for your approval is greyed out and you cant. This should be an easy fix if they wanted you to resolve it. However, for thousands of Microsoft users and computer owners, this has been a continued problem for decades and Microsoft will not help with it.

Many end up having to take it to a computer repair location and pay to get this simple Microsoft fix. So when you purchase a new computer do your best to learn how not to use Microsoft as all they want is to hold you hostage, forever. Search greyed out sign in and see the thousands of people asking for help with useless advice from geeks who cant communicate and cant help anyone.

  • Apr 25, 2020

Every few days Microsoft upgrades Windows and almost ruined my computer several weeks ago. Now it is finished unless I can find somebody that can fit it.

I have lost thousands of hours of legal research and pleadings. I had to get a new computer and they have started the same BS with it. What Microsoft ruins, Microsoft should fix.

I see on the Internet that many people are having the same experience and, like me, they are very angry. I hope that somebody that can afford the cost will file a Class Action lawsuit against Microsoft.

  • Feb 16, 2020

The MS Assure Support is useless. 3 Technicians screwed up my computer, and when asked to un-screw it, all I got was excuses and NO HELP! Case numbers are 1494870022, 1002286379, and 1494971471.

This is being placed on

Mark Riden

[email protected]

  • Oct 28, 2019

Microsoft XABOX charged me $40, $20 and another $20 on August 10, 2019. I DO NOT own an XBOX and use only Mac. I reported this to my bank Bay Federal Credit Union in Santa Cruz three times without response or even a phone number to call. I am 71 and have Parkinson's Disease. I am on Social Security and need my $80! I am joining a class action suit and publishing on Facebook. This has affected thousands with huge bills and no help from the banks.

  • Oct 4, 2019

i recently did a refresh on my windows laptop

was having issues with activation ( 4 day mightmare with microsoft)

got a call from a "supervisor" about it if i got it fixed i mentioned i was having a issue with getting windows updates also so he offered to help ( a first) so he took remote access and ran a batch file ( other than that ignored me)

while this was happening he began messing with settings etc... as i sat there watching ( so far nothing bad or improper yet)

after he checked settings ( see above)

he began with other things which became questionable

he did some commands ( windows and r key) and explorer opened with a dll fault message , thought hmm whats going on here

few minutes later he did same thing obviously something is not right here as same run dll issue came up

i asked what was happening and why that error came up he ignored me

at this point i disconnected fromt his supervisor, who spent the next 30 minutes running his mouth babbling refusing to do anything just making excuses ( insert someone who talks but says nothing)

was not until the next day when i was online next that i saw the results of this supervisors tampering ( my term)

when i close explorer now i get 2 sometimes 1 if i'm lucky run dll errors

as below

there was a problem starting C:\windows\system32\inetcpl.cpl

the application has failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect.

please see the application event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe tool for more deatils .

hmmm red flags raised whats this about???????????????????

looked into this and this supervisor stuck this inetcpl.cpl issue into the control panel ( how nice)

tried looking at fixes didnt find much

100's ( yes 100's) of calls to microsoft all i get is my time wasted , excuses, talking to myslef and hung up on ( which includes 1 manager, and 4 or 5 other supervisors)

had one "tech" tell me this morning " just use another browser" after telling me " its microsofts policy to force ro make users ( thats you and me ) do a reinstall"

so a questionable "fix" turns into a further nightmare

under the guise of helping me they insert a new issue that they refuse to fix

  • May 29, 2019

MICROSOFT *XBOX MSBILL.INFO WAUS charged me a fee i didn't approve. This isn't the first time they charged me $5.39 for no reason this has happened multiple times0

  • Apr 21, 2019

Out of curiosity I answered automated voice instructed me to press 1 for urgent message from Microsoft regarding my IP Address has been compromised. I pressed 1, an individual with a heavy accent maybe African, informed me that he was with Tech support and needed to cancel my license and change my IP Address as it was being used by someone outside of the US. I said okay, so what should I do? I was told to go to my computer and he would walk me through the steps to set up a new license and IP. I hung up!

They have previously called and left messages about refunding money to me as the company was closing. They indicated that I had purchased some sort of technical service in which I was entitled to a refund. It was an 800 number which I did not save, since it was an obvious scam. I had not purchased anything or service recently from Microsoft. This new scam of calling and using the name of the person they are calling and phone number is very disconcerting. While writing this they just called again using my name on caller ID!

  • Feb 11, 2019

Microsoft Office 365,tryed to cancel, before the end of 7 day tril, Tryed to do it on line but no luck. To much BULLSH*T to go through. So a cancel date as of 03/28/2019, to get my 99.99 for a yearly subscription and they did get the 99.99 from my checking account.

They said you can CANCEL any time BULLSH*T. I tryed to call them, but no luck and nocall back.

  • Feb 6, 2019

This company has been slowing down my computer while I am intending to get an A+ on my history exam.

  • Feb 6, 2019

They have been saving my files with ^ and j shapes for no apparent reason. I do not know if these guys or johns or jakes, but my work depends on well-organized files.

  • Dec 10, 2018

It's happened to me a second time. I give up first time about 10 years ago. But now it's happened again. Suddenly microsoft told my password isn't correct, I know my password very well. But they don't let me go through. OK I was able to reset it and they after 5 min told me again not correct. I reset it again. Next day they told me again not correct. What's wrong?? And now they didn't send me a code to me to reset it like 8th time.

I don't know what to do. I need to give up again. And change Microsoft to Linux.

Microsoft is very bad company. I think if we all leave them will be perfect.

  • Nov 14, 2018

Microsoft posted updates to Windows Server 2012 R2 that ohhysically damged the control chips in thed systerm board in this server. I was forced to but a new machine.

Next they continue to post more upodates that cause perfectly good software to cease to function forcing me to pay large amounts of money to purchase their new versions.

These egregios acts appear to be violations of numerous federal and Taxes Statutes.

  • May 11, 2018

I have had 4 xbox consoles since 2007- each and every one stopped working, only after the warranty expired. There is a larger issue here that has not been brought to light. Microsoft continues to push new consoles to the public, but is forcing many consumers hands by the imminently defective nature of the consoles. I have a Nintendo, a sega, an Atari that are 20+ years old and still function as they did day one. As for Xbox, the consoles all have stopped working suddenly, all after the warranty expires. We were not allowed to attempt to fix these products and accessories by ourselves, or third party companies. If we did, we were not given an option to swap them out. That act was illegal, and Microsoft Inc. was given an order to stop that illegal practice. Going back to the consoles being defective, i have attempted to make many fair solutions, but got nowhere. In fact, my two options were to: 1- pay $135 to repair or 2- buy a new console. I had to buy 2 new consoles (1 Xbox 360 and 1 Xbox one) to remedy this recurring issue in the past. I'm sorry, but I cannot believe that Microsoft isnt doing this by accident. 3/3 non Microsoft consoles still work after 20+ years, but somehow 4/4 Xbox's do not function after 2-3 years, curiously after the warranty expires? This is intentional, and the goal is to push consumers to get the newer consoles every few years. One day the console works, the next day the console won't turn on. That is a defective product, and I was told when I replaced my defective Xbox 360 that the Xbox one had solved the malfunctions that persisted with the Xbox 360. Now here we are, with Microsoft pushing the newer XB1X and XB1S consoles onto the public, and the Xbox ones are malfunctioning out of the blue, with terrible options to remedy. Microsoft even took the stance they would not refund my membership I clearly can't use, so Microsoft is essentially as bad as Wells Fargo, making billions off of deceptive business practices, and when they get caught they will only repay a minor amount, leaving incredible profits and little reason to stop these shady practices.

  • May 1, 2018

In January 2018 I was first contacted by someone on the phone saying that if my email is ....... they have been contacted by some international companies and other people that my email address shows me to be requesting monies and other things of these people.

I was very shocked and upset and told them that wasn't me. They said that they were doing this for Microsoft and that I need to fix asap.

After logging on to my pc they told me some instructions that turned over control of my pc to them. This put up some info on screen that I had no idea what it was. Then was told not to shut off my pc until we solved prob. Thinking that they were doing this under the banner of MicroSoft, I trusted them. Now they started "reviewing" problem. Then they hit me with the $200 fee that would solve the problem for good. That did not sound that unreasonable to me. And, then they informed me I could not send a check or credit card.

(There is a lot more detail but my pc keeps shutting off when I type more, I am 75 and have no idea how to get money back, have all the STEAM and itunes cards I bought and receipts and all the different phone numbers that called me.

  • Apr 30, 2018

This company continues to call my home and claim that they are going out of business. When I ask for a check to be mailed to me, they claim that is impossible and just hang up immediately-so they mut be searching for credit or debit card information to rifle money from my bank account...this has become very very annoying-I was wondering if any one else is experiencing this and what we could do to stop the calls. perhaps someone else may have an answer and is experiencing the same nuisance calls and possibly shed some light on the subject. Thanks alot

  • Jan 30, 2018

I've used a Microsoft Home and Student Office 2013 official version for years with no problems. Recently, however, the header/footer features went wrong mysteriously. I went to a chat room with a Microsoft technician for troubleshooting, case number 1413526354. After failing with repair, she suggested " Go to office . com / myaccount and below Office Home and Student 2016 > hit install." However, Office Home and Student 2016 is no where to be found on that page. The only version found on that page is Setup.X86.en-US_HomeStudentRetail_08e69563-fef8-4c90-8924-6e0aff2b5bf2_TX_PR_.exe. I did tried it with no success while Office Home and Student 2016 is somewhere else and not a free version.

Microsoft might have deliberately disabled the header/footer features on my machine to force me to pay for a new version. What I badly want Microsoft to re-enable those features on my system.

  • Dec 28, 2017

I purchased Microsoft Office Professional 2016 on the 20 Dec. and can not get it to activate. I have had no reply to my emails sent to their support unit and my first email was sent over a week ago. I can not get through on the chat line – just sit in a queue for hours. No one response a to any link that you go into and no one answers the phone numbers given.

Have had no response from anyone at their web page and I believe that this is a complete scam. Should be shut down so that they can not scam others.

DO NOT USE THIS WEB SITE - MS OFFICE WORKS or anything connected to them.

  • Dec 27, 2017

I no longer use Skype VOIP and did not want to pay a renewal fee of $60 to keep my VOIP phone number.

I have Skype credit in the amount of $8.75 and unable to receive it in a form of check or cash.

Skype has a very restrictive refund policy:

1. must make a refund request within 14 days of that purchase (EU only)

2. You have a subscription that you haven’t used and that hasn’t expired, experiencing technical issues

3. account has been taken over by a third party and used fraudulently.

4. cannot give a refund for charges that are more than 90 days old.

I am complaining that as the US and corporate parent of Skype, Microsoft should therefore should follow FCC rules on credit refunds.

  • Dec 27, 2017

At 8am on Christmas Eve, we awoke to multiple emails stating that many purchases were made using our Xbox account. At this point it was already up to 400$. My husband called Microsoft customer service. We explained that we did not make these purchases and that there was no one else in our home making the purchases.

We were told that we could be refunded $250. That was not acceptable to us as the amount was almost double that. We talked to Rashanda. She said she would fill out a form and send it to tier III for further investigation and that we should receive a refund within 24 hours. We were assured that the situation would be handled.

About 6 hours later we got more emails saying that our account was still being hit with even more charges, to the tune of 700$! We tried to cancel the card from that account and we couldnt because charges were still pending!

We called Microsoft again and got a different customer service agent. She again said she could refund $250 but nothing more. We asked to speak to a manager. He said that none of the charges would be refunded, not even the 250$ previousy offered. He told us he was the end of the line and there was nothing we could do further.

He finally, FINALLY took our card off the account but by that time already 690.79 was charged to our bank account. We were basically told too bad, deal with it, you are getting NOTHING from us.

We just want all 23 transactions, totaling 690.79 refunded back to our account. And we also want something done to prevent this from happening in the future. Do they seriously believe that we would purchase this stuff 23 times, totaling almost 700$, in 1day? Starting at 1am?!

We would also like an apology for such poor customer service and bad company values!

  • Dec 13, 2017

I contacted Microsoft Technical Support for help solving errors with their Windows 7 Professional operating system. First I spoke to their Tier 1 level support who were unable to solve problems relating to Windows Security Updates failing to install. So, they transferred my case to Tier 2 support who were also unable to solve the problems. They told me someone would contact me to help. No one ever contacted me. They completely dropped the ball. So, I contacted them again and eventually someone from Tier 3 contacted me. I spent several hours on the phone over several days giving the Tier 3 agent full access to my computer but he could not solve the problems. Additionally, I have another problem with a Windows Live Sign-in Assistant error that he was not able to correct.

What kind of people does Microsoft have to correct errors with their software? Let me tell you and I'll be frank. They have people in India who are paid low wages and don't have a clue how to repair Windows 7!

  • Dec 8, 2017

I was on Drudge Report. I am clicking through the news. I land on an ad and I get a pop-up. This has happened a couple of times. It gives you a beeping alert telling you that your computer is infected, that they are with Microsoft and its a British voice and something about pornographic spyware or some crap. Your computer is not infected, but you can't get rid of the message without shutting your computer down. The message says that your computer is infected and if you don't call them to fix it because of their emergency alert, they will have no choice but to shut down your computer.

They tell you to call 855-593-2488 to fix the problem. You listen to some musak and then an Indian sounding voice came on the line. I told them that I was going to report them to the FBI for internet fraud. I asked the name of the company and they told me it was Online Support for Microsoft. He would not give me an email.

I want these people taken off the web for their scare tactics and annoyance.

  • Sep 25, 2017

I recently purchased a refurbished computer from Amazon, its ad said Windows 7 home premium but the computer arrived with Winodows 10 Pro! I didn't have windows 7 on it! Then after installing my Flight Simulator X, it said error on starting and wouldn't activate the acceleration program! My edition says deluxe in Windows 8.1 and then demo in Windows 10! This is totally disgusting! Then they wanted me to switch to Explorer Edge Browser which I haven't yet as I don't like it and they still won't start and activation Icon in their Folder! I have been using their flight simulators for 20 years and this is the first real issue I've had with them. Feds should look in to trying to control the internet with their browser edge which doesn't have a menu bar., or yahoo toolbar! You suck Micorosoft!

  • Jul 6, 2017

New computer 2015 came with iDrive program which I did not want and do not use. Paid with credit card ending in 2406 Year later 2016 got a notice PayPal paid for recuring subscriptiong to iDrive - canceled the records in PayPal and stopped the payment. Over several weeks in June 2017 got notices from iDrive that card 2406 was out of date and subscription will be caneled. I thought good no more worries - card hac been stolen and new card issued anyway. Suddenly PayPal sends notice they paid recurring subscription to iDrive for $74.71 new card ending in 3144. Again corrected the PayPall records to cancel their unauthorized subscription. Called PayPal who said they have to pay the invoive as submitted.... and they had the requirement to use another card - finally got them to put through resolution. Card company said had to wait 3 days for it to post before I could dispute the payment, which I did and now on hold for that. Complained by email to iDrive and they answered asking for the 4 digits of the card used and my address (wanted 3 digit secure code, but card is gone and not giving it out for the new one). They then replied they do not use PayPal for billing purposes. Need class action suit against iDrive for their corrupt behavior.

  • May 3, 2017

I have seen many types of scams, and they almost always turn out to be fake companies or people trying to make a quick buck off the sick and suffering. But what took place today, has actually shaken me to the core as I have trusted this company for years and had never expected one of their own Microsoft Employees to go rogue! It started with me trusting one of microsofts reps on a special line for people who are handicapped. I was told to download a program from this link which loads a window that allows a tech to access your pc and take over it until either they are finished, or the owner terminates the connection. I have used this feature a few times and one thing I thought I have known was the fact that once you termiante the connection, that is it, they cant get back on. Today, I discovered to my horror, that this wasnt the case. The representative's name was Jennifer A. She sounded pretty helpful and asked to use the above program to verify that I was in fact on the PC that owned the software product I was asking about. You see, the reason I contacted microsoft to begin with was because they offered a special deal through googleplay for office 365 personal. Normally this is a one person program, but the monthly deal of $6.99 a month allows me to use it on up to 5 devices, and brings up to 5 accounts to 1TB OneDrive space on each. The issue I was having was I couldnt get the other accounts to stick at 1tb. I let the rep log in and verify my license was legit and to try fixing the onedrive space issue. In the end, I decided trying to get the google version to work correctly was more like trying to get an MSDOS game to work perfectly on a Tandy 1000. It just could not be done. I thanked the rep, clicked on disconnect and went to order directly from microsoft. As I go to log into the mocrosoft store, the webpage is taken over and I see Jennifer A managed to reconnect somehow and she tells me I have to use a different email address. I notice she enters an email address that isnt any of mine and selects some expensive products. I tell her no and to stop it, but she continues and I see she is trying to use my credit card thats saved in the microsoft store. I hit exit on the remote service program and quickly close the webpage to prevent this order from going through. It didnt take her long, she reconnected and again opens the webpage and starts filling in the info to place an order that I do not want placed. She did this 8 times by the way. I use task manager this time to terminate the connection yet again it reloads and she gets on and starts to place her own order with my card info. Im really pissed and upset because I cant seem to be able to keep her off my own PC. As last resort, I hit reboot not caring if I cause an error, just as long as she is kept off my pc. I sit waiting for my pc to boot up and its taking a while, most likely an error on the boot sector due to slamming the pc down. Soon as I log in, the program loads again and Jennifer is back trying to place the order I do not want! The rep came back the very next day, the rep came back, I thought she was a gonner but the rep came back, she just wouldnt stay the heck away--away--away.. Spoof on the cat came back song. Anyway, I ended up turning the pc off and calling the MS # for disabled people and they are now looking in on this. Ill follow up once I hear back.

  • Apr 3, 2017

I received a call saying that my Microsoft warranty on my computer had expired and I needed to call them I called to find out about this. When phone was answereed there was no company identification.

The recording said to take this survey to see if yoou win a cruise to the Bahamas. I went through the questions not giving the right answers at times. Finally I was told I had won a cruise and they wanted to know if I'd accept. The only choice was yes and I did not respond. Finally I was given a yes or no to respond to and I said no.

Then the survey started all over again. I've been leery about the call but wanted to hear about Microsoft. Final,ly I just hung up. I don't feel Microsoft would have made a phone call. This seemed to be bait to reeel you in to spending money on a questionable scheme.

I know nothing about computers but have heard the name Microsoft and was trying to see if I needed to do anything.

  • Feb 7, 2017

I've been a Microsoft/Bing Rewards member for a few years now. On January 19th I received an email from Microsoft Rewards stating I would receive 2017 bonus points for ANY purchase made in the Microsoft Store. I purchased an item but my points were never granted. I filed a ticket with Microsoft for them to credit my account per this promotion. They stalled and delayed attending to my request by asking for information they already had.

I provided the information they requested until they ran out of requests for further information. They claim the status of my ticket remains in an investigative state. The truth is, their promotion was aimed at garnering a larger sale. My purchase was for less than one dollar but that was not a term of the promotion. As written the promotion stated any item purchased from the Microsoft Store qualified me for the extra reward points.

I have filed two subsequent tickets for resolution of this issue but there have been no responses. Microsoft support clearly plans to simply refuse to honor the promotion they advertised despite my meeting the minimum qualifying terms. This is too petty an issue to report to the BBB as I am only out .99 cents and the 2017 reward points. This is a cautionary tale for others who might use Bing.

It's not a very good search engine and the Microsoft Edge browser is slower, less stable and less secure than Chrome. I only use those products because Microsoft incentivizes their use. Products within the Microsoft store are often overpriced and hard to access without being within the Microsoft ecosystem so it makes sense to incentivize customers for patronizing their store. I am livid to have been cheated out of this promotion as there is absolutely no value for me the product I purchased.

Microsoft has not cheated me the past, but they really screwed me this time and exacerbate the matter by refusing to further respond to my complaints over not getting the promotional credits the promised. Any other similar acts in the future will lead to a formal complaint with the BBB and a prompt deleting of Microsoft’s search engine and browser from my systems both at home and at work.

  • Dec 16, 2016

SHAME ON YOU BILL GATES!!! A year ago I bought a "lemon" from your Co.l and it has not worked properly in the entire year. I can NOT afford to pay one of your technicians to impart his lack of knowledge to fix this. To all who have had similar problems with this Co., if you can afford it, Apple is a much better computer and people and technicians seem to know what they are doing.; They are much more humane.

  • Dec 7, 2016

I used Bing search engine for my internet searches and they said that I could earn points , then cash in my points for :gift cards , donations to selected charities , sweepstakes entries and other items.Well when it came time for me to cash in my points , they closed my account and took all of my points and banned me from participating in the program in the future. They accused me of violating the terms of the program , but wouldn`t tell me which of the terms that I violated. I encouraged my Wife and Son to participate and they accused them of the same thing. They are very disappointed in Microsoft , as am I , and they are disappointed in me for getting their hopes up , of winning a prize and maybe a gift card for making a purchase on , but now they can`t do that , because Microsoft is accusing them of wrong doings.Thanks for letting me complain and I hope that this helps someone in deciding whether or not to trust Microsoft.

  • Nov 30, 2016

Microsoft Rewards recently replaced Bing Rewards. The basic premise is gaining points via searches, and cashing in those points for various gift cards from Amazon, X Box Live, etc. While doing searches, I noticed the number of points I had rapidly changing. For example, I started searching with 1151 points. If I did 15 more searches, I'd get another 150 points, which adds up to 1301 points.

While searching, I noticed my points had gone from 1151 to 1025, then back to 1100, then back to 1050. When I was done, I had 1146, 5 points less than what I started with. When I refreshed the page, the number was at 1226, then 1281. Microsoft is stealing points from their users for no reason at all. They get you to search and click, then won't fully reward you. Very shady business practices.

  • Nov 24, 2016

After complains I was given Office 365. Now I find that in order to continue with an office suit I have to pay for subscription

Due to problems with my computer and windows 10 I contacted tech support. As usual an Indian person was the technitian.

Took over the computer and after many things that I was unable to follow I found out that several programs were delete and one of Office Suit.

Since that was a microsoft program and I did not have a disk after lengthy diacussion the tech download Office 365. Now I find that the program expired and they would not provide a previous nor the same version without payment.

I believe this is a ripoff because always when I bougth office in the past was for me without further payment. If this is allowed , in the future they will charge for computer use, internet explorer, anything...

Now I know why is Gate the richest person

  • Nov 19, 2016

They called and told me that i had an overdue balance so i gave them my credit card to pay that one charge and specifically told them not to run that card again. Since then they've ran it 5 times totaling over $30 for nothing. I am pissed

  • Aug 30, 2016

On last November I bought a Surface. It was working fine until the upgrade to Windows 10.

The I went to Microsoft support on-line. They couldn't fix it so they sent me a new surface as I sent my old one for them to repair as it was on warranty.

I don't know what they did to my old surface, but what they are saying now for more than a month, is that the video port was damaged (I never used it. I not even have the compatible cable for that port!! So it came already broken from factory for sure!) so I lost the warranty, so I have to pay more than 200 or 300 I'm not sure to keep this new surface they sent me. I said that I don't want a device that is as detachable as surface and that I will send it back and that I want my old one back.

They said they lost it and they cannot do that and that the only option I have is this one: Keep this one and pay them. So, in other words, they are trying to force me to buy a new surface against my will! That's absurd!

  • Jul 7, 2016

I've recently purchased a Xbox one .I've had an Xbox for several years and have had a gold subscription for Xbox live since it came out .(so around five years) I bought many of my games online and downloaded them to the Xbox . on Xbox live they tell you even if your an Xbox one owner you can still play 360 games on your new consle .i knew someday I would eventually do that so while I may not be able to afford the new console I could at least buy the games after all they will work on Xbox one so why not . When I got my new Xbox I quickly learned that wasn't the case Xbox one had only transferred over the games they give away for free(well not really free you have to have a gold membership )none of the games I had bought were there. I had to buy them again . Now the 360 had a history of every game you ever bought or downloaded an if you had ever deleted any of them you could redownload them .xbox one doesn't have your purchase history however making their advertisements a lie a scam an intention to deceive I lost over twenty purchases of games , dlcs plus my 360 which I traded for the Xbox one . I was content with the old console and I thought this would be a good move being as they stated that their old games would work with Xbox one go ahead an buy the games and when you move up to new console they'll be there for you. I spent a total of around twenty hours during the next three days trying to reach someone from there customer support however I was never able to contact them but I did receive an email to my laptop stating that they understood I did not want support from windows Microsoft people an they had removed the option from my computer. I never said that never typed that never had a problem with my laptop at all .they were essentially telling me that I have no control over what they do and they're boss. Makes you feel when someone can reach you on a laptop you've only just gotten an with information you've never provided .now I know why they want to know your location.....dont buy Xbox anything

  • Jun 28, 2016

We are a charity who applied for a Open License agreement per Microsoft's guidelines. We received, for total fees of some $144 rights to Windows and Office. However, there is a rather severe catch that was unstated. They are unusable without hiring their expensive technical support team to overcome the many hurdles that make it impossible to install this software. The Microsoft support (5 different departments) plus all websites trying to give solutions over 3 days were unable to give working instructions for the use of these software copies. There was always a reason why it was unusable, even to the point of asking to destroy all previous installations and do a clean install. Not possible!

There certainly is NO FREE LUNCH, even to charities with Microsoft, I guess. I would advise people to treat the "free" Windows 10 with extreme caution. You can not get rid of it (downgrade) without buying another Windows 10 legal copy to do so. Like I'm trying to remove Windows 10 and really want to buy another Windows 10 copy to be able to use my legal Windows 8.1 software.

  • Jun 20, 2016

Hello, i have been using microsoft for 20 years now. they have become malicious.

i had been using their flight simulator 2004 since it came out and a few years ago, they wouldn't let it run with an update from the company number 3086255. it is actually worked on in forums and they still try to stick it in my computer if you don't watch close enough., and you need to turn off legacy features. I have also tried windows 10 and it isn't ready my graphics from HP and intel, it won't run hardware acceleration and i tried but couldn't find my flight simulatro x I got ten years ago! it would only show flight steam, so you suck microsoft and i am going to warn the world how bad you sick and people probably know about you by now. My flight sim X was a birthday present back in 2007 so you are still trying to ruin it and you suck microsoft! I was able to go back to 8.1 ao rhanks for nothing microsoft!

  • Jun 9, 2016

I was on the internet on tues. June 7th,2016,starting a search when my computer froze and a message came up that my computer had been compromised,and i needed to call microsoft. I could not x out of anything or do anything, so i called the number on the screen i got a foreign speaking gal, named elizabeth,could not understand her, but she said i had malware or a virus on my computer, and that the only way to fix it was to let them do it, for $349.99. I thought it was legitimate, and it might be, but the price was awful high, i thought. They wanted a working credit card number, etc. Address, and they would take over my computer and fix it and give me one year support from microsoft.,she then gave me george, who was the technician that was going to take care of fixing it. She said i had the virus "zeus". I looked up the name of aspire marketing and got all the , so decided to see if they were indeed . I asked george where he was from talking to me and he said india. I found this on my computer after.My payment receipt from aspire marketing:us100255, address level 26 1 bligh st. Sydney new south wales 2000,phone 0406336263. My credit card company would not approve the sale until i called them and approved it.I am keeping a close eye on my statements, but i know "zeus" is a real virus, so this may all be legitimate.

  • Apr 1, 2016

I woke up this morning to my computer telling me I was required to perform a refresh due to the installation of updates. I did not have any option to perform a backup, or reboot or anything else, just the refresh. This referesh caused my computer to "reset" for lack of a better term. When my laptop finally did reboot, all my porograms were gone! I tried to restore but all my restore points were gone. I tried to enter the boot menu on start up, but could not for some reason. I called microsoft tech support to request help, spoke to four different people, includung a supervisor who all told me there was nothing they could do to help me and that they have have never heard of this problem before. This is very upsetting to me for a number of reasons. First, How could microsoft not be aware of this problem, just google it and you can see it is a very common problem since the windows 10 fall release, it is litterally all over the interent so now I am being lied to. Second, All I want is my computer fixed and Microsoft could really care less, this is horrible service to a loyal customer (this seems to be a typical feeling of microsoft tech support customers). Third, I have lost all my programs, this means I cant work which means this is not only affecting me but also ny clients and my finances. All of this and all microsoft can tell me is "good luck with that". I would like my computer fixed and for microsoft to operate with some integrity when it comes to customer service. It is really rude and inconsiderate of them to publish things that harm peoples computers without any reghard for their consumers.

  • Jan 15, 2016

Two months ago I tried to send a heavy file, by mistake, which was stuck in Outlook and using the emails became impossible. I called Microsoft and after few hours of work, the file was removed and I had to pay $100.

Since then, my Outlook started closing by itself and in the last few days became unusable. I called Microsoft again. It was terrible experience and a nightmare day. Outlook turned out to be “infected” somehow. I had to stay on the phone for 11 hours, changing six Tech support specialists. Everyone corrected something and damaged something else. No one was capable enough to fix the problem as it should be. Some of them barely knew English. I am disabled and staying 11 hours on the phone and the computer was painful and impacted terribly my bad health.

I had to pay again $150 for one year support.

I am sorry that I am used with Microsoft products so much and for so long that I can’t change to Apple. Customer service is horrible. No one cares, no one admits that the people working there, are not knowledgeable enough to fix the problems fast. Why every software repair must be paid? How come Microsoft “helps” the poor in Africa and can’t help his own clients, who purchased his products?

Why I, with my miserable disability pension should pay so high prices to have my computer functional at any time and make, that way, a billionaire more billionaire? How many billions somebody can spend in his lifetime? And if Microsoft is so greedy and wants to be paid for the air that we breathe around his computers, at least assure perfect customer service. I felt horrible, humiliated, forced to stay paralyzed on the computer for 11 hours! Nobody sympathized or offered a compensation for my sufferings. How much my health costs? Who would pay for my medications and treatment after such a day? I am extremely shocked of how greedy and non-caring the big corporations are. How much they made us dependable on them.

I still have problems with my Outlook that nobody in Microsoft was able to fix – 10-14 technicians! They easily hang up.

All complaints are useless anyway, because no one in Microsoft cares and will not pay attention. What a shame!

  • Jan 4, 2016

A charge of $ 10.59 and $4.99, I didn't authorize the transaction. I want it put back into my account. It was listed as MICROSOFT * WA BILL.MS.NET.

  • Oct 14, 2015

Receiving several calls from Indian accent people stating I have hackers on my computer and that they represent Microsoft. They claim to be in California however when they call my cell phone its only a5 digit number. I thought I had it blocked but I got rhe rotated and it was just coincidence I got a call within 24 hours of updating my PC to windows 10. I feel like they've already hacked my computer somehow as well as my cell phone. I don't know what to do but this is getting outrageous of the calls and how good they are at trying to get your information and a credit card to suppose we help you fix your computer. Fortunately I have a friend thats in the IT business and I have to go take my computer now to have him look for malware viruses trojans or any other extension of hacking

  • Aug 18, 2015

I followed their rules, but waited until collected lots of points without redeeming. Deactivated account.

They never consider my case, told me why in any specific what happen to my account.

  • Aug 17, 2015

As I stated on my other report, Microsoft was next. For those of you wanting to upgrade to windows 10 for free, as the saying goes dont look a gift horse in the mouth, if it doesnt sound relistic, dont believe it.

When Windows 7 came out and many got the free upgrade offer, it sounded too good to be true, but it actually turned out to be true and many benfiited. So now again Microsoft makes the same offer for Windows 10. Guess what? This time around many will not be prepaired for all the hidden trouble they will be in for as the new operating system isnt as free as they state. Forget that many will have to shell out money for programs just to be able to get their systems upgraded to the new operating system. What happens once you upgrade is whats going to get a lot of people miffed. Be prepaired to pay more, even if it is extremely low, the way they are doing this they state is the law. Guess what, its not, but their saying this anyway.

Today, I finally started getting a few of my familys pcs up and running, but Microsoft attempted to do it at a price, as cheap as it was, the way they did it I refused to accept. The upgrade failed on most pcs with multiple accounts, and using the key from the old OS wont work either so had to reinstall single account OS on most pcs but one. The one PC that actually worked, my kids tell me they cant log into yet because their children plus in order to log in, they have to upgrade their accounts. Heres the fun part. In order for your children to log into their own pcs now, you have to upgrade to Windows Hotmail/Outlook accounts. If that was it, I wouldnt be complaining, but its not. As soon as I put their information in, a credit card menu shows up requiring me to pay 50 cents per child in order to give them access to their own pcs. I contacted microsoft, who repeated what their message states, that they users are children, and by law they must charge 50 cents. I got around this my way so they can access their own accounts without me paying a dime, and you shouldnt either. I paid for not only the operating systems to begin with, even the new ones recently that will get the upgrade too. I paid for office for each system, I paid for every program on every pc!! Wheather new or old, Microsoft has no right to suddenly tell me I have to pay them a dime to let me or my kids access products we already paid for. That would be like buying a new Firdge, the company comes and installs it and next thing you know your getting a call at work that the kids cant open the door without a credit card to show their adults and allowed in it. Actually, thats not such a bad idea, but still, its not exactly the same. There is no reason to give microsoft your credit card info to get on the products you paid for. Im sure MS will fix the work around on an update so be prepaired. By the way, the work around is just canceling out of the menu. The system will get locked up for a short time, but in the end the account will be made or convert and by canceling out the kids should be able to get on without a hitch, for now.

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