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Micro Mini Pigs

Country Canada
City Chilliwack, British Columbia
Phone 1-888-838-4695

Micro Mini Pigs Reviews

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  • Oct 24, 2015

I have been looking for a true mini pig for years. I had finally saved up the money to purchase one and started looking for a reputable breeder. CTV news aired a report about a breeder in BC who claims to have the smallest breeding stock in Canada and his pigs full grown will only be 25-40lbs. I figured since this was on the news he must be legi so I called and spoke to this man myself, he seemed pretty genuine and I felt comfortable sending him a deposit and later on the full amount for one of his piggies. Fast forward a few weeks and my new pet is getting off the cargo plane to start her new life with us, when we see her we realize she is very big for 6 weeks old. I immediately email the breeder who informs me that it must be because she had access to a lot of food. My 4 month old pig is now over 20lbs and has been classified as a pot belly pig, my pig was taken from me because bylaw in my town states that pot bellies cannot reside in a residential area. Since we received our pig the breeder has closed his email, ignored our phone calls we are 80% the website is bogus too.

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