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Michaelangelo Painting

Country United States
State New York
City Brooklyn
Address 7115 3rd Avenue Apartment 2c
Phone (917) 972-0209

Michaelangelo Painting Reviews

  • Dec 31, 2015

Michael contacted me first. He was so smooth. Made it seem that my all my problems would be solved if I hired him. He wanted to put in an indoor antenna. He was late in coming. He tried both a medium sized antenna, then a larger one. Cut about 10' of cable. Nothing worked. He only managed to get 2 stations. I asked him for a business card he made some excuse about them being in his truck, he'd mail me one. It was getting late, he was an hour late in getting there. I wanted his to take a look at the roof. He made excuses. Saying it was getting dark, you don't go up on the roof because it's part of some rule if your're licensed, which i knew for a fact he wasn't. Again I asked for a buisness card, he again said he'd mail me one. I asked him how he arrived at my apt. He said someone gave him a lift. Well he either had to use public transportation to where ever he lives or who ever supposedly gave him the lift was waiting for him for 2 hours. He left me as bad of if not worse, he charged me for the same type of antenna I originally bought for $50. He charged me $100. He doesn't know whar he's doing. I feel he took advantage of me. I paid in cash.

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