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Michael J Hawkins

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Charlotte
Address 9935-D Rea Rd #509
Phone 704-617-7009

Michael J Hawkins Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2019

Michael Hawkins also known as BPM Construction Inc.....gave me a story that he needed a place to stay because his 500K home just closed unexpectedly. (I looked up after the was sold over a year ago). Allowed him to move in and get rent paid.

After 3 weeks of hounding him, finaly recevied half of first month rent (3 weeks late) After that never received a dime. He claims he is a big time contractor who does Panera Breads, Schools, etc....he can't even pay his rent. Drove by my home he had 3 brand new cars in driveway and had the audicity to brag about his cars while being several months past due.

He then threatened to put a mechanic lien on my property! His wife is in cohoots with him too, she never responds. He stole furniture, damaged my property, lied to the judge telling him he would pay after court, and never did. Stay far away from this scammer, talks a good game with no intention of paying you!

Have reported him to attorney general, professional licenaing boards, and my attorney. Looked him up and he actually holds a professional general contractor licnese with the ability to build our next hotel, school, restuarant.

Do any of you want him to build anything for us if he can't even be ethical or truthful? Not me! I wouldnt trust him to build my dogs a dog house. Every comment is a lie..from him....Beware!

  • Jan 3, 2020


WOW, Mike Hawkins has really created a name for himself out there in the Charlotte Metro hasnt he? Thank you for your comments about this loser as we also were not paid by him for a service we provided. You bet i will bring his credit down tho.

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