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MGR Management

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1-877-255-9843

MGR Management Reviews

  • Nov 28, 2017

So I was on Facebook one night and came across this link for these pretty cool rubber wireless earbuds know as Q29 Mini Wireless Earbuds and clicked on the link. After reading about them I saw the price was originally $199.99 and on sale for 19.99 which raised a Red Flag immediately. So I went on eBay and Amazon to research and found the same price ranges, so like an idiot I went back to the link on Facebook and purchased them. After a week went by I emailed them 3 times before finally getting a response that they would look into it. After about another week went by I emailed them another 3-4 times before finally getting a response.

They stated that they’ve never seen this before how I wasn’t charged for shipping and the advertisement clearly stated free shipping just for the record and that they would have shipping send them out immediately. After about another week I finally got a tracking number and when I received the package and opened it there was a cheap pair of plastic headphones attached by a wire that you purchase at the dollar store.

So when I emailed them they stated shipping made a mistake and I proceeded to email them once again and and attached the color copy of the purchase order that had a picture of the item as well as free shipping and the price and exactly what I ordered.

Instead of saying they would send out the right pair they said return them at my expense and they would refund me within 30 days. I would not use this company for anything and when I tried calling the number I could immediately tell it was fake and now the number is changed bcuz I’m assuming they made a fortune and people were catching on. This company gives online shopping a bad reputation.

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