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MGC Gary

Country Italy
City Siracusa SR
Address Via Avola, 2
Phone 39 328 913 4155

MGC Gary Reviews

  • Nov 25, 2017

Leonardo Marazia from BEAUTY DAY SRL stole our deposit of 27 000€.

We gave a deposit of 27 000€ in Mid September 2017 (17th) for an order to be delivered in mid October.

Once the delivery date arrived, He told us the products were late, so we kindly waited. I even personnaly went to meet leonardo in Milan in order to sort this out, I got fooled thinking he was actually an honest person...

However, in begining of November, they explain to us that their supplier (l'oreal) changed the price and they could not supply to us at the previously agreed price and quantity.

We did not get angry or asked for a compensation, we only asked for a nice and simple reimbursement. BUT they dont want to give it to us telling us that the supplier his holding the money (how is that possible? Either they paid a deposit at a new price that we did not agry on so used ou rmoney for their own business. OR they are simply lying.) Either way they propose to sell to us at their new buying price to compensate, so we would have to buy more expensive but we figure that if it makes us all gain some time in recovering our money even though their will not be much interest in this deal for us anymore we accept the offer. but Obvisouly we mention that we would not send more money until we receive the products. This last conversation was on the 19/11/17.

Since then, Leonardo and his father Antonio Marazia, have disapeared, they don't answer emails, calls, text not whatsapp messages. They were probably hopping to steal some more money from us with their new offer, to me these people are not bad business they are just a complete scam! We are starting a lawsuit against them as of today.

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