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Mercari, Inc.

Country Japan
City Minato-ku, Tokyo
Address 6-10-1 Roppongi Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 18F
Phone 81-813-680-45906

Mercari, Inc. Reviews

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  • Dec 9, 2015

I sold my IPhone 5s on this app for $420 . The girl got the phone and said it was damaged during shipping and filled a return . When I got the return shipped back to me my phone was not in the box, only some aloe gel and hair serum. I reported it to the app that I never got my phone back but they gave her the refund anyway. Now I have no phone or money from selling the phone.

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  • Dec 1, 2016

Same problems

This Is a horrible company and i'm having tons of problems with them as well and they have stole thousands from me. So if anyone needs help going after them and want to go into court matters with them please contact me I'd love to help you out and I have tons of information as well! 6072379355

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  • Mar 30, 2016

On February 2nd, 2016 I purchased a Breadmaker from a seller on the Mercai App for $40 plus $15 shipping, for a total of $55. On February 11th it arrived damaged and I contacted the seller to let her know. She instructed me to not ship it back or throw it away as she was going to open a USPS insurance claim and told me she would be contacting Mercari to get my refund issued to me. I went ahead and contaced Mercari as well and submitted photos of the damage, the box it came in, and the shipping label. I also provided these same photos to the seller. Finally on February 19th I heard from Mercai and they issued me a return label to ship the broken item back to the seller.

Since the seller had requested I not ship it back, I asked them promptly what I should do. I made sure to mention that I was more than happy to ship it back if needed, but that I was concerned as the seller had requested I not and that it could mess up her USPS claim. I did not get a reply until February 24th, 6 days after the label had been issued to me, and that reply was only to tell me that they needed to forward my message to the correct department and to not ship back or rate the purchase until I heard back from them.

Finally on February 27th, 4 days later and a total of 10 days after I first contacted them, they replied telling me the seller only needed to contact them and tell them to cancel the order and refund me and that she did not need it shipped back. I told the seller straight away, and not even 8 hours later they closed the order, giving my money to the seller claiming I didnt ship back within enough time. That did NOT allow the seller enough time to reply to me, nor give me any time to ship had I needed to after all.

The seller replied 3 minuted after I contacted her to tell her that they had closed the order and asked her to please tell them to cancel it and refund me, and she told me that she had ALREADY told them to cancel and refund me from the begining but that she would do so again right then.

I then conacted Mercari again, providing a screen shot of her telling me this, and they replied back stating that since I failed to return the item within 3 days that they closed the order and too bad. So I messaged them again and again as they were not reading my message and clearly were not reading the sellers messages to them.

Finally Mercari replied and told me the seller did NOT contact them to cancel but instead contacted them and told them to close the order and give my money to her. I told the seller this, clearly upset, and she said that it was ridicoulus and that she never told them to do that and that they were lying and that she would contact them yet again to tell them to issue my refund to me.

I contacted Mercari AGAIN and sent screen shots of everything the seller had told me and asked for an explination. Again they refused to help and sent generic replies regarding that I didnt ship back in 3 days, which had no grounds to stand on as the seller requested I not ship back and since they never even allowed me any time to ship back since they took 10 days to reply to me and then closed the order right after, despite telling me not to ship while I waited for their reply.

I messaged my seller again and at this point she was mad at them as well given that she had now told them 4-5 times to refund me and to cancel the order and that they were still refusing. She told me that she would message once again to tell them as well. All that took place between February 28th and March 23rd.

Since then Mercari has still refused to help and refused to issue my refund. They will not tell me if it is my seller that is lying to me or if they are lying to me, and can not provide a proper answer as to why they will not issue my refund when I have proof of the seller stating she wanted it sent to me and never wanted the broken item back. As of today, Mercari has begun instantly closing any corresponandance I open with them and refusing to provide a reply before doing so. They are refusing to issue my refund for the broken item and have either allowed a seller to scam me and steal from me (if she indeed never told them as they claim) or are stealing from me point blank.

I have poured countless hours into trying to deal with this and even offered to ship the item to the seller if they would issue me a new label so that I could get my refund since they did not allow me any time to do so the first time per their instructions. I have exhausted every effort I could think of to have this resolved, and unfortunatly will have to go through my bank to get my refund, which is something I did not want to do as Mercari instantly closes anyone's account that files a bank inquiry or chargeback and bans them from ever creating a new account. However I will not allow $55 to be stolen from me, and given that they are refusing to provide help or correct the issue, it leaves me with no choice. I have had many fantastic transactions on their app, and bought from many kind and honest sellers, so it is a true shame that their lack of customer service will now ruin that for me.

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  • Dec 1, 2016

So sorry!

That is a horrible story, I'm so sorry for that happening! I know customer service is horrible for so many companies. There is an app called Venmo, in which you can easily pay/receive money. I think if she was truly being honest about you wanting to have the money, you could've set that up to give her a way to pay you or maybe you can still try! For future things like that I would definitely try out venmo if anything goes wrong. Sorry to hear about that! But hey, maybe that $40 could go towards a Christmas present if you get it back!

  • Mar 28, 2016

Mercari is unsafe for all! I have been a buyer&seller on this site and like others have stated previously, Mercari has policies in place in which they themselves are not following. Such as the 3 day rule of communication. Mercari has canceled a return charging my card for an iPhone that was supposed to arrive, when in fact it was an iPhone case. I asked which packaging is allowed on their return label (priority or plain box etc) due to them not responding to my question within 3days the return was canceled & my account was charged. I disputed the charge through my bank and they in turn deleted my account stating filing a bank claim/charge back poses a threat to their system?? Excuse me, had you not pushed this scam through on my card & answered my question there would be no need for a charge back!! Moreover, as a seller they Cancelled a transaction& refunded buyer before verifying shipping information. All the previous complaints are completely valid. You get what you pay for with this app. 0 fee=0Protection I look forward to the day a civil lawsuit happens against Mercari!! I will be the first to sign up

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  • Jan 13, 2016

Horrible app

This is the worst app I have ever tried to sell on, you have to wait for the buyer to leave feedback to get your money.

If they don't leave feedback you don't get your money and it is so easy for the person that bought from you to lie and say they didn't receive the item or the item was broken.

Use this app if you want to lose money and give away stuff for free.

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  • Aug 24, 2015

I found out about this app from my daughter that was supposed to be similar to ebay. I decided to purchase a few items and sell some as well. They have a policy of no returns unless they investigate and deem it so due to either the item not received or item not as described. Well, in my case it was item was not as described. I had purchased a purse and wallet combo with shipping for $46.00 the item description was a black juicy purse. What I received was a brown juicy purse. I contacted both the seller and Mercai customer service. The seller was actually very apologetic and said she had no issue taking the item back and was sorry. Mercari Customer service however responded days later via text message only no phone contact or email. In my dispute I sent pictures of not only the purse and wallet I recieved but also the box it came in and a screen shot of the actual description of the original posting.

In the original post the picture of the purse looked black what I recievednwas not and I clearly took pictures of this and they refused the refund.

My second issue with them is they put a charge on my card that was not authorized for an amount I did not purchase. I have to now go to my bank and file a complaint regarding that. I have since deleted my credit card info from this app. However, I cannot delete my account with them until all transactions are complete. So, I currently am waiting on an item and until it is received by me I cannot delet the account. I just found out this is an app started by some japanese students amd have just expanded to the USA.

Beware, they have no contact other than texting through the app on your phone but they request allmofmyour info including bank routing number, name ,address, phone, debit card and yet they give you no location, no phone number and no email. I am now changing my bank due to this situation.

I believe this minor situation os the beginning of bigger issues with this rip off from this company somplease be aware!

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  • Jul 4, 2017

I have been selling on Mercari for about two months now. When l opened my account all they asked is provided,your name,address,email,credit card,bank account. I just received a message from them saying oh you are selling counterfeit items so we have suspended your account. I asked them didn't they want proof of where my items come from and they never replied so l sent pictures showing them some of my items with the labels that was proof it wasn't counterfeit. They are supposed to release your funds as soon as you receive a rating,well l received my five star rating but when l went to request my money they said it was frozen.

Then they asked for my date of birth and social security number l didn't like it but l complyed with them,then they wanted my drivers license and that's when l said no. I told them they had ,enough information to please give me my money and they refused so l broke down and gave it to them for them to come back and said it wasn't clear enough send another one and l did they came back and said l had cropped it . Now l received another message saying if l didn't send another copy my account would be closed and l would lose my money which is fifity six dollars its not the amount it's the customers have my items and Mercari has my money. Please pass this along anywhere you can.

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  • Mar 3, 2018


Did you ever get your money? They are doing the same thing to me.

  • Feb 9, 2017

I had been purchasing things on Mercari with no problems. I am a buyer and not a seller on there. My credit card information had not changed and it was never a problem before. Last night I was making purchase. My credit card was charged. Suddenly I received a message stating that my account was terminated and my orders cancelled. They have refused to tell me why and have not refunded my money for the orders they cancelled for no apparent reason. They say they are not at liberty to tell me. I have discovered this is a common theme with them. They will make up a reason to suspend your account AFTER you make purchases and then instead of giving the funds to the person you bought something from they hang on to all of the money and will not give it back to the buyer. This is a scam and they need to be shut down! Others have complained of them making up a bogus reason to get rid of you and in some cases people have been out thousands of dollars! This is a set up to fraudulently keep your money. Please help!

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  • Jan 16, 2016

I was brought back an item i sold by usps. I promptly corrected the shipping costs and resent it. Usps verbally confirmed it was delivered to buyer in NY. Mercari says it was not. So? They refunded the buyer his full $24 that i should have been paid for the item! If they would take the time to confirm with usps the item was correctly delivered they would know. But now i lost my item AND my money! Its bs. All i want is my money owed. Or buyer got my item totally free! They dont ever hardly reply to customers. No help. None. Except to do shortcut ways. I strongly very very strongly reccomend people to stay away from and not download the free mercari app! Im very upset right now!

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  • Sep 12, 2021

I purchased a sweater for 300$ and prematurely rated the buyer.

The sweater was listed with tags and labeled "NEW" on the buyers page. I'm disappointed that I didn't do a thorough check and rated the buyer. My husband seen it and asked- where's the tags and then said, this is not "NEW" at all and worst of all a replica/fake. I immediately contacted Mercari within the same hour of rating the buyer to notify them of the situation and error.

Mercari supposedly have strict guidelines:

Items that are known or suspected to be replicas, imitations, or in any way not authentic should not be listed on Mercari. Any item that appears to be inauthentic will be reviewed and potentially removed from the platform.

AND THE ITEM I RECEIVED WAS FAKE AND NOT AS DESCRIBED. I'm asked Mercari as in GOOD-FAITH to rectify this situation and they refused.

  • Jul 4, 2021

Sold a NEW Calvin Klein leather bag on Mercari. Orig price $238, sold for $115. Manufacturer's tags & labels were attached. I described the item completely & added photos of all sides. Sayoko Campbell, Cleveland, OH, bought the bag off the Mercari site. Soyoko must have damaged the bag, so she claimed the color was turquoise, not green (green was labeled by Calvin Klein & the photos). She also claimed (qualifying reason to return by Mercari) that the bag was fake.

Mercari, blindly accepted the return & refund of the bag. No problem Others were interested. I received the bag back with marks all over the back and bottom. The marks were like bleached etchings or something?How could I sell it to anyone else? Even if I used cleaner, it would dull the leather. It was no longer a new bag in the perfect shape I sent it. Mercari gives 24 hours after a return to respond.

I immediately tried to contact Mercari & sent images. I CON'T to get a message "Error, try again in a few minutes" &NEVER GOT THRU! I didn't give up! When I got thru, Mercari claims TOO LATE! So instead of 24 hours, my response can slightly over that 24 hour mark? But their web site wouldn't allow transmission of the response!!!

  • Jan 3, 2021

Mercari has a consumer rating of 1.47 stars from over 1200+ reviews and counting, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases, cannot get proper or any customer service help or get stuck with bad products, services and lose tons of money in fees etc. They have a money back guaranteed but they don't follow it. It is a scam. The hide behind vague policies and rules to get rid of the seller and buyers without having to try and respond or deal with any issues after the transactions. They have lots of loopholes in their systems and policies and we consumers and sellers are falling in between them and losing our time, money and valuable items. I used to question paypal and ebay and amazon policies but they at least respond to their people and resolve and protect them, NOT at MERCARI whatsoever...

Customer service is an automated voicemail number that no one ever calls back to, it basically helps generate a ticket at worst and someone will respond with an automated email and hopes that you forget about them in 3-5 days. Someone needs to regulate them, expose them and have them create better policies and provide best customer service and stand behind what they publish and preach. I am surprise they are in business and that a class action lawsuit has not been created yet.

  • Dec 2, 2020

This website falsely claims that sellers are protected while granting return requests for illegitimate reasons. They poorly enforce authenticity claims with fake luxury items abounding. Sellers are wasting valuable time and effort sending items to buyers who can change their minds and return items at a loss to the seller. Buyers are open to fraud. Everyone can be influenced by unwarranted publicly posted reviews. This site is an unmitigated disaster and needs tighter policing or to be shut down.

  • Sep 20, 2020

Marcari Buyer beware. They make their money of the sellers, even if the seller is not honest. There are dishonest sellers posting items as new, but send you used or damaged goods. That's what happened to me. Once I got the product, indicate it was received, and gave it a poor rating for seller - the buyer wouldn't refund my money.

I contacted Marcari customer service, letting them know that the buyer listed the product as new and a picture of the product showing as new, but I got a very used product - they stated: Seller advertised product as new and sold me used damaged product.

  • Apr 14, 2020

Mercari is an app and website where you can sell items that are used, old, home made,etc. I downloaded it and sold over 100 dollars worth of old clothes on mercari. When I went to transfer my money to my bank via direct deposit, it was never transfered over. Mercari claimed that my direct deposits were "processed" and I waited ten buisness days... still not a dime of the money. I then called my bank and they made me aware that nothing was processed and there was no activity started, in process, or completed with mercari and that I was scammed.

I proceeded to call Mercari's help line is disbelief... they were not accepting phone calls and never have! My next option was to reach out to them via their "chat with us" button where they proceeded to ignore me! I have lost over 100 dollars worth of items that I could have sold elsewhere and did not make a dime.

  • Apr 2, 2020

Mercari is holding almost 3k hostage

I've had an issue with my account starting about 3 days ago, 03/30/20. I've been "randomly" selected to have my identity verified. Originally i was told to update my name SSN and other info but after that, it seems i must provide my passport etc. I've tried to upload my docs for over a day and i'm having an issue with the app taking it. I've received no response after being told to reach out for help if i had problems doing so. Still nothing. I also received an email a few hours ago saying my money will be retained unless i verify my identity through the app. Is there another way to verify this? If not, i guess i have no recourse and Mercari will in fact close my account with my proceeds. Seems this has happened to many people using their platform.

**Update** They reached out and told me the only way to have my account back was to upload the documents thru their app. I again tried to see if there was some other alternative, another way to upload, fax , email but there isn't. They refused to give me another option although i've done nothing wrong. With the climate of the country the way it's in now due to Covid-19 , this greedy company doesn't care about the families that depend on extra income from this platform. They've made money from my sales and they were able to keep their 10% each sale but i get stiffed with nothing because my phone can't send my documents thru their app powered by JUMIO. They want all of this personal info from you but what happens if someone hacks this company like what was done to Equifax? What about Target? But these people want all of this Personal info and people are still desperate enough to do this to make the extra money to survive like me. Truly a pitiful company who's only bottom line is to take your money. Close to 3k stolen from this company. I wasn't doing anything illegal , i had no reason to hurry and rush the money to some account to avoid something like this happening. I'm a normal person trying to make a dollar. Thanks mercari for destroying a small entrepreneur's dream on providing a little extra income during this Covid-19 Crisis. You guys really helped me a lot. 

  • Feb 20, 2020

This company attempted to scam me out of identity documents for the apparent purpose of identity theft. When I called them out on it, they abruptly closed my account. Their site and app have multiple bugs with issues to protect individuals privacy and information.

It behaves and appears more like a malicious website or virus than a true site or application. The cavalier customer service with basically telling customers off when they can't receive any answers and general stonewalling suggest they are hiding more than is even visible.

  • Dec 10, 2019

I bought an item on Mercari. It arrived broken so I contacted them to report that and the fact that I could not access my account. I was told, by the first person in this event, that someone would contact me to request pictures and other info.

I waited for an email that never came so I contacted them again. Got a different person this time that said it sounded like this needed looking into and they would get back to me. Several days later I get an email saying they are sorry that can't help me, the seller has already been paid and the case is closed and I should have gotten ahold of them sooner.

I did get ahold of them, they dropped the ball and now they refuse to do anything. They said it is their policy that if the buyer has not left feedback for the seller within 3 days, they automatically give them a 5 star rating, pay them and the sale is closed.

No refunds will be paid after the seller is paid. So even though there was an open issue and I was waiting on them to tell me what I needed to do, they finalized the sale and basically told me too bad, we can't help you.

It says right on their main page, money back guarantee if you item is not as described. Well my item was not described as broken and now I guess I am just out the money I spent.

I would not recommend Mercari to anyone because there is no guarantee you will get what you paid for and you sure won't get a refund.

  • Aug 15, 2019

Purchase four comic books form Mercia from three different seelers sent comics in to cbcs to get vertified for autographs all turned out to be fake Mercia says it was passed the 3 day retuen mark and refused to give money back...One seller says send it back to me i will give you money back never seen it yet been three weeks other selrs says let Mercia handle it in other words got ripped off gor total of $244.00plus testing of $200

  • Jun 27, 2019

Absolutely stay away from these crooks. I purchased a Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow wiz on Mercari from a seller named “Josephine “ . The pencil itself she sold me was bent and furthermore there was a portion missing inside because I had to rotate it three times before the pencil would surface. I presented pictures to Mercari clearly showing the defect and they denied my return.

Mercari said it did not meet with their return policy. The seller of course refused to accept the return too. So I am stuck with a lemon eyebrow pencil that I paid a lot of money for. In addition, I couldn’t leave a bad review for the seller because Mercari closes the sale and cuts you off from posting a bad review.

  • Dec 21, 2018

They asking for ssn!!

  • Mar 9, 2018

I ordered a pair of UGGS from the Mercari site from a company called PinkyNation.

I have 8 other pairs of UGGS - all of which are a size 6. Therefore I ordrered a size 6. When they arrived they were way too small. I contacted Mercari regarding a return and I was told they would not approve a return based on size and to contact the seller. If they approved the return, Mercari would process the return. The Mercari site is so difficult to navigate, it makes it almost impossible to find contact information. I had to email Merari 4 times asking for a link to the seller.

I then contacted the seller PinkyNation who promises 110% satisfaction and they sternly refused to accept the return stating it was not their fault the UGGS didn't fit. This was after me telling them twice that I owned 8 other pairs clearly marked size 6.

DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. BOTH MERCARI AND THE SELLER PINKY NATION are unethical selling platforms. The worst customer service I have every experienced!!!!

  • Jan 27, 2018

I started my account with Mercari Noverember 26th, 2017. I had tried to start an account with them about a year or so earlier, but i could never figured it out. So, when i started this new account, my regurlar email still would not let me log on, so, i used my other email address. For about three weeks things were going well, i was selling things and had purchased a few things. Then on Dec. 14th, i sold three items, and two were shipping out using their NEW FEDEX option. After the items were packaged, and shipped at FEDEX, the following day i receive TWO emails stating that Mercari cancelled my shipping on FEDEX. There was no explanation or reason, nothing. I quickly called the number and spoke with a very RUDE man, and his response was "that it is out of MY hands, you will have to email, and that could take five days!". I told the man that i didn't have five days because i was leaving out of town. SO, with no help from him, i emailed " HELP!!, someone just canceled two of my tranactions that we shipped FEDEX last night!".

Fast forward to today, they have canceled my account, and I am not longer a seller. The last word i got from Cameron was that , " your account has been suspended pending deletion because you continue to engage in prohibited conduct, your user privileges have been revoked".

These people have never even answered any of my questions has to why and what happened. When you email, you never get the same person to answer your email, it is sent to "whomever' it appears". So, bottom line is that they made a judgement on me without even giving me a reason. If you ask me, they are full of themselves and are on a power trip. They certainly are not representing the company well. The person who started this company in Japen and openned it up in the USA, made a big mistake choosing San Franciso to move forward with their company. i have read multiply complains on the BBB site. I will be added mine also.

  • Jan 18, 2018

I started selling on Mercari and was kicked off within 2 days AFTER I made over $300 in sales. A customer tried to claim even though I had a receipt that I was selling a fake makeup palette. I then get an email with a suspension of my account and was informed my funds would not be transferred. I have tried to reach customer service . All they have is an email address and a PO Box in San Francisco California. I have read through all of the Mercari policies and no where does it state that money you earn on their site can be seized. They then deleted my account and thank god I saved screen shots. They stole over $300 from me. Report them everywhere you can if this happened to you. A foresee a Class Action Law suit with this fraudulent online selling platform.

  • Mar 3, 2018


They are holding my money for 90 days claiming counterfeit. Did you ever get your money. Or am I wasting my time waiting 90 days? How can they seize your money. This has been since December.

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  • Jan 3, 2018

Beginning of december a buyer purchased my Mac book pro. Mercari allowed the return, which is against their own rules since it was working and described correctly when the buyer received it, and I received it the end of december broken. It was In a smashed USPS box and mercari began their refund process, asking for pictures etc.. Then almost at the end of it my account was suspended pending deletion. I was flabbergasted to say the least. I contacted them regarding the suspension and they told me that I had multiple accounts. I told them that this is incorrect and verified my identity, and the compared my direct deposit with the others seeing how none of them had the same name. I was waiting for my account to be reinstated so I could continue this 700+ return and it never happened. I contacted them again and now they are saying my account was suspended for "fake/replica items" WTF. I went through 6 different help center requests to finally get to them holding all of my funds for 90 days.

I finally had it with them and now I am currently starting an arbitration process to get my deserved funds. Do yourself a favor and just don't even make an account with them. So many screen shots of them making me go in circles

  • Sep 15, 2017

I have recently started selling on Mercari. I sent out a designer item to a purchaser and have confirmed that the individual received the item via tracking number, but Mercari has not released my money. This is an unfair business practice because it leaves people like me at the mercy of strangers who you can't even speak to on the phone. This business needs to be accountable for its actions or lack there of!

  • Jul 7, 2017

I sold a gucci fashion watch on Mercari site it was shipped and confirmed buyer recieved it after 3days when the transaction was to be finalized mercari said it was not recieved when usps clearly said dropped in the mailbox at address. Mercari than tells me to file a claim with Usps after sending me a label for priority with no insurance i feel i was strong armed robbed and we need to get together and file a class action lawsuit.

  • Feb 17, 2017

Mercari aka Mercari Inc do not work with these people you will not get paid and also they will cancel your site for no good reasons believe me as I say from experi ence they are unreachable and bad business ethics you will not get paid correctly of your items values San Francisco Internet

  • Jan 31, 2017

I sold two bracelets on the Mercari app. The buyer made false claims to return the bracelets to me, which Mercari granted her permission to do so, even though everything was exactly as described. The buyer even said to me she wanted to keep just one of the bracelets (a $675 value) but not pay the price. When the packages were returned to me, I knew one was empty, so prior to even opening it, I video taped and took pictures of myself at the post pffice examining and opening the packages. One was completely empty, the other has the $125 12k bracelet, not the $675 bracelet. She not only lied to get her $800 back (which mercari allowed) , but sent an empty package! I thought video taping and posting ro youtube would be enough proof for Mercari to reimburse me, but it wasn't. 2 videos and endless photos and they said I didnt provide enough proof. Then, because of their mistake, they banned me and are deleting my account (basically because they don't want me to cause trouble or complain, even though I did NOTHING WRONG!) The video clearly shows me examining unopened packages from the buyer and slowly opening proving one was empty.

Even the corespondence with the buyer shows she knows she did something wrong. Mercari is so dishonest, that they claim all the proof I could possibly provide wasn't enough. They absolutely need to reimburse me the $675 as I provided all the proof humanly possible, did exactly as they asked and was ripped off by the buyer. Just now, Mercari deleted the transactions, like they never existed! Luckily I took a screen shot of every single convo and interaction with the buyer and Mercari staff as I went along. Absolute thieves!

  • Jan 27, 2017

I sold two bracelets on the Mercari app. The buyer made false claims to return the bracelets to me, which Mercari granted her permission to do so, even though everything was exactly as described. The buyer even said to me she wanted to keep just one of the bracelets (a $675 value) but not pay the price. When the packages were returned to me, I knew one was empty, so prior to even opening it, I video taped and took pictures of myself at the post pffice examining and opening the packages. One was completely empty, the other has the $125 12k bracelet, not the $675 bracelet. She not only lied to get her $800 back (which mercari allowed) , but sent an empty package! I thought video taping and posting ro youtube would be enough proof for Mercari to reimburse me, but it wasn't. 2 videos and endless photos and they said I didnt provide enough proof. Then, because of their mistake, they banned me and are deleting my account (basically because they don't want me to cause trouble or complain, even though I did NOTHING WRONG!) The video clearly shows me examining unopened packages from the buyer and slowly opening proving one was empty.

Even the corespondence with the buyer shows she knows she did something wrong. Mercari is so dishonest, that they claim all the proof I could possibly provide wasn't enough. They absolutely need to reimburse me the $675 as I provided all the proof humanly possible, did exactly as they asked and was ripped off by the buyer. Just now, Mercari deleted the transactions, like they never existed! Luckily I took a screen shot of every single convo and interaction with the buyer and Mercari staff as I went along. Absolute thieves!

  • Nov 28, 2016

I have bought and sold several things off this app and the majority of the things that I bought were okay however I did buy a few items that were labeled women's large clothing and instead was children's big difference I was not even able to get a refund even though they say they will allow you not only that but I returned one of the items to get a refund and instead was told I did not return the item so I did not get the item or refund. Every single item I sold was exactly as described however for whatever reason they felt like the buyer kept the item and cancel payment and I could never get mercari to help me out when I complained they Banned Me from the website do not ever use them they are horrible they have many many complaints read the reviews

  • Nov 4, 2016

I was sold a COUNTERFEIT Item

I was sold a counterfeit item. I even received a letter from the manufacturer verifying it was a fake. Mercari sided with the seller and I lost my $85!

  • Oct 15, 2016

I sold a burberry poncho on this site that allows you to sell used or new items. After the buyer received her item she messaged me saying she recieved an empty envelope. (The post offcie won't deliver a empty envelope and I have a receipt with the weight). I informed the buyer that it had weight when I shipped then she messaages me and says "It was filled with tissue". I messaged mercari informing them and they they replied with a standard email that was irrelevant to my concerns. The buyer then filed a complaint and sent pictures to them of the envelope with nothing inside. Mercari canceled the order on her behalf and suggested that I make a claim through USPS. My concern is that they have allowed a buyer to say she recieved an empty package without properly investigating this matter. So I am out of my item and did not get paid for the item that I shipped. They reimbursed her money within 24 hours without looking further into the situation. Just because buyer sent them pictures of an empty package does not mean that she did not receive the item. I strongly believe this buyer scammed because she is aware of how it easy it would be for her to ge away with it! They are basically protecting scam artists!! I have read other reviews online of others saying similar things.


Myka M

email: [email protected]

  • Sep 15, 2016

So I don't no how can the buyer cancel a day after and it's delivered in town already so I contact mercari to contact they buyer because I want my item or refund and and mercari say they would look into it I just contact again no response they will not respond to me but they buyer has my item so I don't have my item I sold or no reimburse. They suppose to contact they buyer or reimburse me for my item I sold on they site but no respond

I sold a item on mercari and the seller cancel my item day after ship postal say it's in transit delivery at address and I contact mercari they will not respond. They rules say they will reimburse the seller or buyer if any problems that it is safe and secure. They will not respond the buyer has my product and they refund.

  • Apr 18, 2016

I sold an item and the buyer never recived the item so i tryed to contect the bussiness and cant i wanted to refund there money back and cant pleases help and never got paided.

  • Mar 30, 2016

I was sent a fake pair of broken beats, paid $71 and I filed a complaint last Thursday, they did not get to me within their 2 day window, and now they are saying if I don't rate the seller by tomorrow she will have mercari rate her and have my money.

  • Nov 23, 2015

My account has been suspended and I was told I would get my money after transactions were complete, however, these reviews online stated in the same situation the sellers did not receive their funds. What do I do, who will contact me since no one Answers, I've been contacting them and no reply. They won't give me my money.

  • Aug 10, 2015

I just wanted to buy a xbox one, and I thought I got a really good deal when I saw the post of the person whom I'm reporting about on Mercari modile app.

He or she wanted to make a transaction through paypal, not through the Mercari's purchasing system.

I paid $188.61 in us dollar for the transaction and thought the deal is done.

Howver, I didn't get any comment or any contact from the person.

I'm from South Korea, and I never expected that this kind of internet fraud to happen in my life!!

  • Sep 15, 2016

Scammed Aswell

Same to me. If you somehow look at this. Email me. [email protected]

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