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Melaleuca, Inc.

Country United States
State Idaho
City Idaho Falls
Address 4609 West 65th South
Phone (208) 522-0700

Melaleuca, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 12, 2023

I contacted them numerous times in order to cancel a membership. The representatives (I spoke to 3 different ones) just giggled and gave me a link to supposedly "cancel" my membership. The link never worked. They buy time so they can say you didn't cancel in time and they continue sending out orders and charging your card. Then even if you call them and tell them not to ship anymore orders and that the link they originally gave you is still not working, they come back at you that they cannot cancel any orders because they are already being processed! You tell them that you will file a chargeback and they don't care, they still send out orders and charge your card.

I have had to file fraud charges with my bank and then this company, after being told to cancel any shipments BEFORE being sent out, they will still send them then they want to charge you a $10 label fee for you to return the shipments that you told them not to send out in the first place. They are a shady company and I do not recommend them at all.

  • Aug 12, 2017

I was informed to join this company by hear say for ninety nine cents! When I joined I watched their videos to get discounts on their products! They decided to send me sixty seven dollars worth of stuff. That I never ordered! I did not know w hat they sent me till I received an email to my email address! I called them. They told me what they sent me! They had already took the money out of my account with out my acknowledgement or authorization! They took the money out before I received their stuff! The month was not even over yet for their ninety cent to join. I was zapped with sixty seven dollar ! They skimmed my bank account! I feel I was scammed! These people are rip off artists.

  • Nov 14, 2016

My wife got suckered into this by a ponzi person (ex amway), thinking maybe some decent products and helping her mis-guided friend. After spending a riduculous amount of money over a period of time on what is comonnly called "Lotion & Potions" (aka snakeoil)...She has tried to cancel. Called and they said to mail in a letter. She did that, still received an order. We both called in on a conference, said another letter is needed. What reputable company does this? I filed a BBB compliant, will Return to sender future orders and dispute CC Charges.

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