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MedPro Services, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Fullerton
Address 111 West Orangethorpe
Phone 818-256-1000

MedPro Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 2, 2022

Let me start off by saying Ms. Moriel is STUPID and can't read medical reports, because when I explained to her, about my spine and losing the fluid between my joints in the knee, she could care less. Ms. Moriel works as a case analyst for West Covina Social Security from home.

She sets the appts, she sets the time and it is her responsibility to send over necessary paper work for some STUPID quack at Medpro, who is a psychologist to perform a mental exam. She lied about the time and I was set up, by all three parties.

#626-732-8170 #626-483-7603

This exam consists of a few questions that don't measure jack sh*it and he is done is 3 minutes. Of course, she never bothered sending over much and it was confirmed by Adrian (the manager) it was sent to the wrong office (in San Fernando valley) at 1:32 pm on July 27th, when my appointment was at 12:20pm that same day.

Ms.Moriel told me it was sent early that morning. She is A LIAR …

Ms. Moriel knows this because she arranges everything and just lies and says to me it’s the times, they gave me. No, you made up the days and times, not Medpro in Fullerton on Orangethorpe.

On July 27,2022 I arrived at Medpro at 12:00 noon, I told the STUPID receptionist I am here for my 12:20 appt, the receptionist says, “oh they didn't send your file”. I will have to make one up.

So how or what are you going to make up a file if you have no information about me? Yet the quack who thinks, he is a psychologist by the name of Dr, Minas Haratunian, has little reputation, but is a RACIST and gave preferential treatment to a white girl who walked in 30 minutes after I did and expressed, she was here for her 1:00pm appt.

This doctor spent at least 20 to 30 minutes with this white girl, maybe she was blo*wing him? Big difference of time compared to my 3 minutes and being treated badly. I was called after the white girl 2 hours later. Only because I complined yelling at the receptionist, who is a lazy b*tch.

After this I complained to the receptionist and she lies to me stating that, her appt was at 12:20, I straight out told her NO IT WASN'T, MINE WAS!!!

Now let me describe the time I had with Haratunian, he asked me some STUPID QUESTIONS, but what caught my attention was why am I living off GR? I expressed no one can. This a*****e was patronizing and intrusive. How do my finances have anything to do with this exam? Then he starts being condescending questioning where I went to school at? Again, who gives a sh*it, it has nothing to do with the exam?

I questioned him about the white girl, the only thing he had to say, was that she had her paper work done first. Another f*cken lie. Between Moriel, the receptionist and the Quack (Harutuntian). My case and exam are sabotaged, it was done with intent and everyone is a liar!! So I am letting the world know how abusive and sabtoging Social Security really is and these whacked out clinics, they do buisness with.

I am sending this complaint to the people at the top and I am going public with this sabotage. Moriel supervisor is C*NT after I told her what happened she could care less. She has an excuse for eveything. Ms. Flores 626-732- 8168, also lied and stated the paperwork is supposed to go the main office.

Why B*tch? I am not at the main office and either is the quack who is a racist!!! Maybe this explains why I sat there for two hours, but interestingly enough the doctor had what he needed to know about my financiers and where I went to school so he can I see now why the receptionist made up the file, it's all she needed to put in the file!!! Never took any exams or test just bullshit questions. He is a lair, they all are.

Oh btw Ms. Moriel tried to get me to go back to that shady clinic, after I told her NO, she calls me up lying stating how someone called her anyways because the doctor cancelled.


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