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Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs

Country United States
State California
City Mission Hills
Address 15413 Lassen St
Phone 1 (818) 210-4955

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs Reviews

  • Sep 9, 2021

When ordering the Medical Beakthrough massage chair on the internet, there was no hint that shipping might be delayed for 5 weeks or more.

  • Nov 29, 2020

On November 6, I call to purchase the Medical Breakthrough because my husband and I have been experiencing back pain. I spoke with Leslie that day and asked about the width size of 6v4, 7, and 8 massage chair. I was concern about not fitting the seat and still am. We discussed different models from the 6v4, 7, 8, and X(10) models. Leslie recommended the X(10) and expressed the newest model would be best to find my husband 6 feet 5 inches build and 330-pound weight and 15 size shoe. She said the chair would provide all the features we wanted and need for our back to include the legs and needs for my daughter as well.

I asked Leslie if she could measure the sitting area because I was concern about not being able to fit into the seating area. I asked, Leslie if the 8 says the width is 36 inches and X(10) is 34 wide inches, is that true to size? She told me yes, it is. The X(10) was the biggest chair we have. I told Leslie, I am more concerned about the seating area and could she measure the seat? I wanted to make sure the seating area was wide enough. She assured me the chair seating was wide enough to sit in and she had seen larger people sit in the chairs. On November 9, 2020, the chair arrived, it's narrow, too small to sit in, and not wide enough. We measured the massage chair at 21 inches from the airbag to the airbag. The seating area is smaller. We took picture of the box the Massage Chair came in. We took pictures of the airbag-to-airbag to show the width. The measurements we took of the box is smaller than what is listed on the website. If the X(10) Massage chair measures 34 wide x 49 high x 55 deep. Then the box pictures we took should reflect that but the box we measured with the chair sitting inside the box reflects less and does not meet the website measurements?

We have a set of theater chairs at home we used as a base to measure and meet the requirement Medical Breakthrough massage chair measurements listed on their website. • 7 model. The website says the 8 massage chair measures 35 wide, x 50 high, 57 deep (Inches) • 8 model. The website says the 8 massage chair measures 36 wide, x 53 high, 52 deep (Inches) • X(10) model. The website says the X(10) Massage chair measures 34 wide x 49 high x 55 deep (inches). None of the measurements on the website meet or exceed the measurement of the Medical Breakthrough X(10) we received or the pictures we took. I have called and called since we received the chair to resolve the issue. We have not been successful with the company.

The item has been in our home for almost 30 days and we are No closer to a resolution or a full refund. We have spoken to countless people from Leslie, Author (twice), Mark, and Carlos, Scott, and countless sales and customer services representatives, and still nothing. At this point, we just want a full refund. It should not take all this time for assistance and a resolution. I had to celebrate Thanksgiving with the large boxes in my living room.

  • Apr 22, 2018

This review site has many reviews that are not real I was not able to find anyone of the people that wrote the reviews on their facebook accounts so I think this is misleading customers. I dont see any proof of the reviews of chairs on other sites...

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