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MEDCO Corporation

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address 3201 South 76th Street
Phone (215) 492-6700

MEDCO Corporation Reviews

  • Sep 20, 2022

Medco in Tucker Georgia disrespects and fires employees for no reason. My name is Gerald Broughton. I had a horrible terrrible experience working at Medco. I spoke to Brian Wade the store manager at Medco yesterday on the phone, September 20, 2022 about the black guy harassing me on my first day of work Monday September 19, 2022.

Well Brian said he did address the harassment, allegedly and told me to report to his office today Wednesday September 21, 2022 to get my employer ID and scanner gun to go to work I did as instructed. Little did I know, Brian is friends with Anthony and they set me up to be fired today September 20, 2022 with Marsha Benson for no reason.

When I got to work Brian Wade was not in his office ar 8am when i was there, I was just sitting there for 15 minutes for no reason. Ok so I asked the employees there where is Bryan Wade? He told me to report to work to get clock me in for work, to get a scanner gun and to be assigned a new trainer for more training. Again, I was told we dont know where he is. 8:15am approaches still no Brian.

When I reported the disrespectful behavior from Bryan Wade and the black guy that assists him on the warehouse floor, Marsha Benson in HR fired me out of relaliation today September, 21, 2022 for reporting Bryan Wade the Store Manager's behavior having me walking around 30 minutes looking for him and the black guy Anthony's disrepectful behavior talking loud shouting and yelling. Brian Wade and Anthony told all the workers theat witnessed what they did dont say nothing.

So pretty much how Medco will fire you if you speak on anything they do mistreating new employees by retaliating at you for speaking up on Bryan Wade and Anthony. The are terrible horrible individuals and they have no business in management at a store open to the public.

Sad thing is , they lied on me and denied everything they did and told Marsha Benson in HR to fire me for bringing this to the light. I advise anyone, Do not work for Medco in Tucker Georgia, they lie on people, disrespect employees and if you speak up they will fire you out of retaliation like they did me. I was not told why I was fired by Brian Wade or Anthony, or Marsha Benson in Medco HR

I asked the guys where is Bryan? they said we dont know where he is? Ok so I told them can you tell him Im looking for him, I arrived like he told me to time is passing by. I went outside to see if he was there and asked the females where is Bryan they said they didn't know, its 8:30 am, so 30 minutes has gone by and this man pops back into his office 30 minutes after I was searching for him with the other black guy I had a problem with my first day, they laughing eating food looking at me in the office why? Why?

Wasn't Brian Wade and the other manager in the office at 8am when I arrived to get my employee login and scanner gun? So I go back in the building, they refused to open the door and they locked it so I couldn't get in. My question is to you maam, what is going to be done about this type of behavior? There is no excuse for grown men playing childish games with people on the job.

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