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Mc Cready & Rice Plumbing, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City Flushing
Address 11525 15th Ave
Phone 1 718-359-2848

Mc Cready & Rice Plumbing, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 14, 2022

These plumbers' services were utilized by synagogue that called to have a situation remedied wherein they had no heat. Two guys showed up, that I don't even think were liscensed plumbers, they poked around, bled some radiators, did about 45 minutes of work and left. They claimed that it was fixed. It was not. They were called again and told that there still was no heat. They returned, looked at some pipes, cut a section of pipe and said it needed some new fitting or something to that effect, and claimed it was fixed.

Once again, it was not. So at this point, the synagogue called upon another repbutable plumbing company and had the issue fixed with an hour or so, with the new plumber saying he doesn't even see anything done from the first plumbers.

The synagogue then got a bill for $3,492.00, without ever being given an estimate, without completing the work, or without an itemization that could substantiate $3,492 worth of work, and still no heat.

These people are crooks. When the synagogue refused to pay the bill, they promptly filed a mechanic's lien against them for non-payment.

I got in touch with their attorney and they reduced it to $2,620, which is still a rip off, considering they did nothing.

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